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Liberia’s democracy treading

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Liberia’s democracy treading

CECAS Chairman, Mr. Patrick Y. Moore  A non-governmental organization, Center for Campaign Strategies or CECAS says prevailing situations in Liberia are responsible for the way the country’s democracy is treading. “In times past we as Liberians have witnessed with deep regret the path Liberia’s evolving democracy is treading.”

Addressing a news conference Tuesday, April 12, the National Chairman of the group Mr. Patrick Y. Moore said, “We have observed with keen interest that the problem we face today as a nation is not about Liberia not having enough resources to make the citizens live an appreciable standard of life, but basically the misdirection and application of our priorities as a nation.”

Mr. Moore said citizens prioritize trivialities, tribalism, or elitism during elections thereby voting the wrong people to lead the nation. He said the elected officials in return knowing fully well that they were products of misdirection, and misapplication of political will take oath to do little for the people as those politicians have already bought their way to the top without any proof of competence, or platform that can better the lives of the voters.

“We call them political traders, because they always come to Liberia at election time to trade our conscience for power and to make their financial gains thereafter.” He said as patriotic citizens, Liberians have further realized that in recent times, majority of their compatriots are now stretching the freedom of speech Act beyond the limit, adding that politicians are all around the country, taking new trend to misdirect the minds of the youth by turning them to agents of disrespect, instead of molding their minds for development.

 The national chairman emphasized that it is against this backdrop that they have come together to form a unit that will set a new page in Liberia’s political dispensation, saying that knowing that when the wise men refuse to take part in politics, they will be ruled by fools, he said the Center for Campaign, and Strategies was formed to bring Liberians to the path of patriotism, not selfishness but to conscientize the public on the need to prioritize the future of the entire country rather than few political traders.

He said by virtue of life, and the will to serve, and save the country from political vampires, “We have structure our movement all over the country, this was done in order to give us a wider coverage and depth to direct the political playing field, adding “Our objective has been to look for a near saint as far as Liberia misapplication of our resources is concerned.”

According to him, another objective of the Center is to help Liberians identify a leader who is financially potent, not someone that will depend on finance minister to pay his/ her LEC bill; to also identify a leader who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to international political and financial fair play, to scout the world, and fish out someone who has been able to manage both human and financial resources worldwide without denting the image of this country that we so cherish, and among all is to seek a selfless candidate for the country who knows the meaning of development and how to get it done. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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