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Liberia warned of looming threat

By Lincoln G. Peters

Lofa County Senator Steve Zargo has warned of a looming threat in Liberia, saying Niger’s military coup and the attempted coup in neighboring Sierra Leone all call for concerns.

The former Liberian police officer says while he does not want a military intervention here, he warned however that “we can’t take it off the table.” 

“I don’t see a potential threat of a coup in Liberia, but what I am seeing is a potential threat. Liberians are war wary, and many know it because we went through it and we felt it. We don’t need it any longer but there is still [a] looming threat,” he stated. 

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this paper Wednesday, 2 August 2023 in Congo Town, the opposition senator said that while he does not support or want military interventions, there is a potential threat in Liberia. 

Zargo cautioned the Liberian government to prevent the potential threat of conflict and violence. He urged the National Elections Commission headed by Madam Davidetta Brown-Lassan to demonstrate independence and neutrality.

According to him, Liberia’s potential threat looms if the government through the NEC fails to be open, and conduct a transparent, free, and fair election.

“Again, these coups send a challenge to all of us as an institution and people. The NEC we have had our own problem with them. I don’t like the way the NEC boss has been conducting herself over the years,” said Mr. Zargo. 

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“We have raised it. We just hoping she does the right thing. I am not being a crying baby here,” Senator Zargo pointed out. 

The Senate Committee Chair on Defense indicated that despite being an opposition actor, he will not conduct himself in a way and manner that will undermine the peace and stability of Liberia. 

According to him, Madam Brown-Lassan never knew that she has a huge responsibility that has to do with the survivability of a country and its people.

At the same time, Senator Zargo recommended to the Government of Liberia an independent Liberia judicial system that is based on unpredictability.

He said if Liberia will prevent potential threats, the judicial branch should not be predictable, alleging that for too long Liberia’s judicial system has been predictable.

“Our court system has been so predictable. Imagine you have a huge drugs catch …, and see the kind of conclusion that was reached,” he said.

“We can tell what is happening and so I think we need to correct some of those things,” he noted. 

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  1. Because of the large numbers of presidential candidates, the independent votes for each candidate will be smaller. This will help Mr. Weah to come first or second in this primary but he will lose badly in the one on one presidential election.

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