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Liberia will be great again -Bishop Afolabi prophesizes

A Nigerian clergyman, Bishop Mark Afolabi has prophetically assured Liberians that their country will be great ‘again’, while blasting African leaders for allegedly being very selfish and greedy.

Bishop Afolabi from the Living Faith Ministry in Lagos, Nigeria, a.k.a Winner’s Chapel spoke to the NewDawn recently at the end of celebrations marking the third anniversary of the Remedy Chapel Movement International in Monrovia.

Serving as guest preacher for the three-day festivities from 26-28 February he encouraged Liberians to be patient: “I know Liberia will be great again.” According to the Bishop, the problem of Africa is lack of real leadership, noting that everywhere, corruption is visible.

“They don’t have the welfare of the people at heart; the people are selfish; they are greedy; they match all the wealth for themselves and their families, but you know this kind of wealth doesn’t last,” he said. The clergyman further lamented that what the masses should be enjoying and sharing is often taken by their leaders.

However, in the midst of the unfolding misrule, Bishop Afolabi cautioned Liberians to fear God, reminding that the Bible warns that the wicked will be cut off in the midst of their days.

Bishop Afolabi had earlier visited Liberia in 2005 and 2006 during the third round of hostilities that destroyed thousands of lives and properties. He, however expressed surprise upon arrival in the country recently to see many improvements, which, according to him, is a sign of being “great once more.” 

“I came and now there have been lots of improvements. When I came here last around 2005 and 2006, this place was the worst place. You saw rebels; now this was a war zone. Many lives were lost and properties were lost; but you know when I came yesterday, there has been a lot of improvement now. If God can make improvement to take place till this point, which means there is road for more improvement,” the Bishop said.

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Notwithstanding, Bishop Afolabi has blasted Christians for playing with God and Christianity. He frowned on Christians, whom, according to him, play games with God, and give Him ultimatum when making demands. He said such Christians issue threats that they would not serve God, if He doesn’t grant their demands, warning that it is against the Bible and Christianity.

Meanwhile, Bishop Afolabi has broken grounds for the construction of a multipurpose hall along the Robertsfield highway for the Remedy Chapel Movement International. The church has purchased 20 acres of land in the area and is anticipating constructing its international headquarters there.

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