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Liberia’s Covid-19 deaths hit 110

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The Minister of Health, Doctor Wilhelmina Jallah, has put the total number of covid-19 deaths from resurging of the deadly Coronavirus here at 110 with a total of 3,381 confirmed cases across the country.

Addressing reporters Thursday, June 24, 2021, at the Ministry of Information’s regular press briefing in Monrovia, the Minister disclosed that from Wednesday evening to yesterday, Thursday, the ministry recorded 116 confirmed cases. 

Doctor Jallah reveals that from May 23 to the present, cases from the new strain of the virus known as Delta variant continue to rise daily, saying “Now what we have been noticing [is] a lot of people in our country have been feeling ill; they went to their regular doctors, maybe they got treated for malaria or typhoid and did not get better, but within a few days, they started having problem breathing, so  if you’re having problem breathing, that means you can’t catch your breath, if you walk small distance, you are tired and you noticed that you’re using  a lot of muscles to breath and when you eat you can feel your muscle and while that is happening, with coronavirus, your oxygen level in your body go down and so the more the level go down the more difficulty you’re having breathing so by the time your family member or yourself notice that  and rush you to hospital.”

She explains that a lot of people succumb and die because they do not have enough oxygen to supply through their entire body, including the heart, lung, and brain to keep them working because there’s no oxygen in the blood for these tissues or organs to survive, noting that where there is no oxygen to keep people alive, cases are transferred to the government treatment unit at StarBase where there are oxygen therapists.

 “This morning the report we got from inside the treatment unit, there were 54 confirmed cases, two have been discharged and they are awaiting more of them to be discharged base on test results.”

The Minister confirmed that of Liberia’s 15 counties, 11 have contracted the virus with most of them reporting one or two cases, and some, up to 12 cases.

She said currently, health authorities are going after contacts to make sure they get tested. “So if we find you and you’re positive, we want to know who all you have been in contact with, where did you go? So we’re trying to find out how come you contracted the coronavirus. Based on that, we will do a contact tracing because you have told us who were your contacts, now we start looking for all those people to make sure that they are tested.”

Early this week, deputy minister of health and chief medical officer, Doctor Francis Kate, told a local radio station in Monrovia the daily infection rate is over 3 percent, which is said to be the highest in West Africa currently.

The government announced revised national guidelines a week ago to contain the virus, including strict adherence to social distancing, wearing of mask in public, restricting the number of persons at a wedding, birthday party, and funeral to 20 attendants, among others.  

“Prevention means wear your mask, one of the most important things that you can do to stop the spread is to wear your mask.”

Due to the severity of the current resurgent in the country, President George Manneh Weah on Thursday, wrote the 54th Liberian Legislature, asking that body to allocate US$2million from the recast budget to boost the fight against the virus. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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