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Costa under fire

Madam ParkerControversial radio talkshow presenter Henry Costa, has again fallen into the limelight for the wrong reasons, with leaked screenshots of conversation between him and indicted National Port Authority Boss, Matilda Parker conjuring up a media strategy in her defense.

Costa, who raised eyebrow and generated heated backlash when he admitted to receiving 5,000.00 USD from the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Amara Konneh, as contribution to setting up Voice FM, has seen heavy criticisms in the last week.

Minister Konneh, who has been at the center of the allegation, is yet to comment, but social media has been flooded with debates over the overall broadcast ethical standards and Costa own unprofessional conduct.

Costa, a strong critic of the government has come under barrage of public criticism in the wake of the controversy, particularly over his claim that he received money from Konneh, and his decision to divulge what he called privileged cabinet information allegedly received from the Finance Minister.

But as the matter seems to be settling, the embattled talkshow host is at the center of a corruption controversy, with screen shots of evidence showing his support for National Port Authority indicted  Managing Director Matilda Parker.

In a series of text forwarded to Costa, Parker was seen pursued by an undisclosed media person, informing her that Transport Minister, Bush Cassell, was involved in a ploy to have her removed over corruption allegations that have now landed Parker in court. “MD D transport minister who is also on d NPA board is making frantic effort 2 sustain d LACC report on u in d media to widing d debate and create public sentiment da will lead 2 ur dismissal.

Some of us who are ur friends in the d media are closely monitoring d conspiracy with eagle eyes. U also need 2 do gate keeping and damage control 2 twat any further damage against u,” the unknown texter wrote Parker. In response to the messages forwarded, Costa replied ”Hahaha…..people are now trying exploit the sitation for their own benefit.

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We should address this issue as discussed. Bush Cassell does not strike me at all as having the balls to wage a war against you. To gain what directly? I know her. Besides, I have deduced that there are doubts in the public. And surprisingly, the people are not so welcoming of the President’s action.

They suspect foul play an selectiveness”  As the  screenshots went viral on social media overnight, this paper could not establish who wrote the original message but the language bears similarity to earlier message allegedly exchanged between Costa and his Co-host Woods Nyanton over the latter’s conduct, co-incidentally in defense of Finance Minister Amara Konneh. “Woods why did you have to mention Prof. Nyemah in such a derogatory manner? It is not fair. He just sent me an email.

If this brother did something why would you mention his name in it? You need to retract it. Also, please leave Amara Konneh alone. You know very well he is my interest?”, message sent May, 18, 2015. Opinions on Costa’s conduct seem to be largely unfavorable with many radio callers questioning his integrity and respect for confidentiality.

The latest wave of leaked screenshots could only serve to validate perceptions amongst his critics that he criticizes the government as being corrupt on the whole but yet allegedly receives monies from key players and actors in the regime.

Since the turn of the year, the Costa show has fallen in its appeal, particularly after the Host declared his support for millionaire businessman Benoni Urey. Seen by insiders as an integral part of the Urey set-up, his recent outburst was linked to remarks perceived to have been directed at Urey by Konneh when the latter addressed a National Elections Commission’s event recently.  Our investigation continues, see inside for more screenshots.  

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