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Lonestar MTN Subscriber Wins L$250,000

The Lonestar MTN Group in Liberia has given another subscriber Christmas gifts through its weekly “Text and Win SMS-based raffle.” Over the weekend, subscriber Quincy Garnett of the Gardnerville area walked away with LD$250,000 in the Lonestar Cell Weekly raffle draw.


Quincy, who was taken by surprise, shouted “hallelujah! Praise the Lord” when he was contacted by a staff of the company that he has been become the lucky winner of the first week of the draw, walking away with LD$250,000.

The “Text and Win” is an SMS-based game, which gives customers, who choose to play an opportunity to win daily, weekly, and monthly prices and then, at the end, one lucky winner gets whooping L$1 million cash! It is announced that those who wish to play must send an SMS with the word ‘Win’ to the short code 3310.

Subscribers are requested by the draw to send the word ‘Win’ through text to 3310 as many times as they can to become a winner. There were other winners, who walked away with huge sum of Liberian Dollars in the draw.

Mustapha Dukuly, an officer of the Liberia National Police walked away with LD$54,600, while Rochelle Samukai won LD$10,500 from the same Text and Win draw.

Meanwhile, the Liberia Telecommunications Authority or LTA has extended the deadline for the registration of SIM cards in Liberia. But rather than slow the pace, Lonestar Cell MTN has intensified its SIM registration process by holding festivals in various counties.

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Currently, Lonestar Cell MTN Foot Soldiers and Staff are in Rivercess, Grand Gedeh and Sinoe counties respectively, offering hundreds of thousands of subscribers an opportunity to register their SIM cards with ease.

In November, Bomi, Gbarpolu, Grand Cape Mount and Bong counties were hosts to the festivals, which saw scores of subscribers jubilantly registering their SIM cards.

Lonestar Cell MTN said it believes that Monrovia is not Liberia; hence, it must reach out to all its subscribers, particularly those living in the various counties. The company says it is no secret that getting to Liberia’s southeastern region is a challenge, but disclosed that Lonestar Cell MTN has always found creative ways to meet the challenges in the interest of the Liberian nation and people.

Counties in southeastern Liberia hold a large number of the population of Liberia with Lonestar Cell MTN subscribers in the majority.  It can be recalled that a few weeks ago, Lonestar Cell MTN intensified efforts in other counties, launching successfully its SIM registration efforts.

Residents in many of the surrounding villages and towns say they are extremely pleased that Lonestar Cell MTN has provided an opportunity for them to register their SIMs without difficulty.

At the same time, subscribers, who registered their SIMs beginning December 1, 2011, will receive a holiday gift of USD$1.00 credits.  Additionally, those who would like to swap or change their SIMs for whatever reason, may now do so by paying half the price, only USD$0.50.

Lonestar Cell MTN tries to make SIM registration easy and accessible to all of its subscribers.  Though the LTA has extended the SIM registration to January 18, 2012, Lonestar Cell MTN subscribers, who are not sure that they have registered their SIMs can check by dialing *160*6# and then send.

Though the intensified efforts are in the Southeast at the moment, SIM registration activities continue in all the counties where subscribers can go to any Lonestar Cell MTN office and register or do so with any of the many Lonestar Cell MTN Foot Soldiers currently deployed.

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