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Commending the CRC for a job well done

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Nineteen prepositions for possible amendments in the current Liberian constitution were overwhelmingly endorsed by delegates attending the just-ended Gbarnga Constitution Review Conference.

Delegates from across the country and Diaspora at the conference voted overwhelmingly in favor of the recommendations generated from several nationwide town hall discussions by the Constitution Review Committee headed by former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott about a year ago.

Prominent among the nineteen prepositions overwhelmingly voted for last Thursday at the end of the conference are the “restoration” of Liberia to a Christian nation, reduction of the tenures of the President of Liberia, Members of the House of Representatives and Liberian Senate from six to four year and nine to six years, as well as the election of county superintendents.

Unfortunately and frustratingly for proponents of Dual Citizenship, it was a ‘red card’ despite delegates being ‘financially’ induced to vote in favor. Also vehemently resisted were suggestions for the elections of the Chairman of the National Elections Commission and Chief Justice of Liberia.

In spite all of the celebrations and frustrations characterizing the people’s decisions at the 2015 Gbarnga Conference, the complete show of UNITY was most important.

Such success can mainly be attributed to proper planning, organization and implementation by the Gloria Scott-led Constitution Review Committee for the last three years. The CRC must wholeheartedly commend for such a magnificent conclusion of its mandate. The Governance Commission and other national and international partners must also be hailed for their inputs.

Now that the CRC has done its parts, it is incumbent on the Legislature- House of Representatives and Senate, to ensure that these prepositions upon submission go through the most convenient amendments in the current Liberia Constitution.

While there may still be attempts to undo certain aspects of the Gbarnga decision, there’s no doubt that Members of the Legislature are equally cognizant of the consequences of the opposite of the people’s decision.

We are of the strongest conviction that this time Members of the Legislature may not want to be left out of the many praises being showered on the Chairman and Members of the Constitution Review Committee and partners, and would, therefore, do everything possible to ensure the passage of the nineteen prepositions for amendments in the 1986 Constitution.

Again, we congratulate the CRC, GC and partners for a job well done.

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