Making President Weah “happy in 2023”

President George Manneh Weah heard the message loudly and clearly from the people of Bomi County: They are ready to make the President happy in 2023, the next presidential election. Mr. Weah who began the second leg of his nationwide tour to Bomi on Monday this week, is reading and dicephering the message that would perhaps resonate in his mind throughout on his way to 2023.

“Mr. President, the people of Bomi County are reliable people. When they give you their word, go and sleep on it. When they say they are for you, they are for you. They don’t play games”, said Bomi County Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe, Jr. in welcome remarks.A former Montserrado District #6 lawmaker, Snowe migrated to Bomi in 2017 and won a seat in the House before subsequently getting elected senator in December last year.

However, he reminded President Weah that whatever promises he (Weah) makes to the people of Bomi, they should be fulfilled because the people will judge him in 2023 by his deeds, rather than his words.

A seasoned politician would understand this, and President Weah is not only a politician, but leader of the 4.5 million people of Liberia. A key focus of his government is bettering the lives of citizens thru development.

So, he knows what’s up in Bomi: Meet the people’s needs and get their votes at the ballot box for a second term in office. This is as crystal clear as the sunny sky.

The people of Bomi County thru Senator Snowe have spoken their mind to the President. It is for Mr. Weah to remain engaged, not only with that County, but the entire 15 political subdivisions like he is doing currently.

If the President’s nationwide tour has paid off, citizens in the southeastern region are living evidence. Today, they enjoy electricity and street lights for the first time in many years. Not only that, the President broke grounds for various projects in counties visited during the first leg of his tour last month.

On this second leg of the tour, he has already promised to electrify Tubmanburg, Bomi County and elsewhere. If this is what Snowe was referring to, then he should go sleep, because this President does not promise and fail to execute. Politics aside, he is a man of his word.

The evidence is there, from the tuition-free program at the University of Liberia and all other public tertiary intuitions across the country, payment of both WASSEC and WAEC fees for 12th and 9th graders to the 14th Military Hospital and road projects, among others, President Weah continues to prove that he is a ‘talk and do President.’

The people of Bomi County have no cause to worry about execution of promises. They should consider everything President Weah has promised in the county done far ahead of 2023. But they equally have a challenge to live up to their commitment to make him happy come 2023.

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