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Liberia news

Malaria on the Increase

Reports here have suggested that the rate of malaria in Liberia this season is seriously on the increase due to the heavy rain falls. From the beginning of the rainy season in April, Liberia has had so many malaria cases.

Statistics have shown that malaria has been on the increase because of too much filth during this rainy season. The Chief Medical Officer of Liberia, Dr Francis Kateh, lamented the wetness of the community, saying the dirt was too much, with mosquitoes breeding daily, resulting to malaria cases.

A clinician at the Malad Clinic in Barnesville – referred to as Boakai, noted that almost every patient at the clinic must have come down with malaria this rain season. He said Malaria was always high during rainy season, but cases this season were too high, saying for every 10 patients, there must be 8-9 malaria cases, including children and parents.

A pregnant woman – Julie Karmo, at the Malad clinic in the Barnesville community, said mosquito nets were distributed in order to reduce malaria cases, as well as safe the unborn children, but said the chemical used on the nets were too much, making it to itch their skins.

Malaria is a life- threatening disease caused by parasites transmitted to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes.

By Ethel A Tweh-Edited by George Barpeen

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