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Maryland lawmakers clash

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Two lawmakers of Maryland County at the Liberian Legislature clashed Tuesday on the grounds of the Capitol Building. It all began when Rep. Chambers replaced the flags of the county on the grounds of the Capitol Building, indicating that flag one the side of the House of Representative and the other at the senate were both dilapidated and needed replacement.

“The reason is that our county’s flags are dilapidated and there’s need for change. It can be anyone who can come here to change them. Why should I wait when my county’s flag needs replacement? We’re here for the county and people, so anything that I will do to change that,” he said in a moderate tone.

Under the rules of the Legislature, the Sergeant–at –arms is responsible for the flags, including the country’s flag. Both the county and Liberian flags are hosted on the first day of work at the capitol building during the official opening. The flags can be replaced based on request by Legislator, but through the department responsible to do so.

Dr. Chambers, in his argument, claimed that there’s nothing wrong, for him as lawmaker, with replacing flags not representative of his county, noting that such action should not only be left with the department responsible, but anyone who sees the need for change, especially, when the flag in the public glance should look decent at all times.

But Senator Morias described the action of Rep. Chambers to reduce himself to a ‘mere flag bearer’ while at the same time he’s a lawmaker as an embarrassment to the county and himself (Dr. Chambers).

According to the Maryland senator, there are more priority issues that a lawmaker should undertake to benefit the county than to reduce himself to “mere flag bearer”, further describing Chambers’ action as a violation of the Constitution of Liberia, which calls for separation of powers and functions.

“For my colleague to abandon his function and cross over to the senate’s wing to change a flag is a gross violation of the constitution. I feel ashamed of his action because there are many things we as lawmakers should be thinking about that will benefit or help our people than for my colleague to behave in such manner,” he said.  By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor 

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