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Marylanders reject outsource of electricity

 By: Naneka Hoffman 

The people of Maryland County, southeast Liberia are opposed to the outsourcing of electricity in the county to an Ivoirian company by the Government of Liberia, lamenting economic implications.

A local group, Citizens United for The Protection and Development of Maryland county says this is an attempt to make Marylanders spectators in their own economy, contrary to President George Weah’s inaugural promise to have Liberians actively participate in the country’s economy under his government.

The group’s Chairman Gyude Brown, says their attention has been drawn to an attempt by the Liberia Electricity Corporation to economically exploit the county, and render Marylanders spectators in their economy. 

Addressing a live press conference in Harper City, Maryland county on Monday, 27 March Mr. laments that the decision to outsource Maryland Electricity to an Ivorian Company does not only undermine local employment but also questions the sincerity of President Weah’s promise to Liberians during his inauguration. 

According to him, during the initial discussion held in the county between the European Union (EU) and Local Authority, the EU preferred the outsourcing of the county’s electricity to a local company, a replica of the situation in Nimba County, where Jungle Water, a company owned by a citizen of Nimba is managing well.

He stresses that the locals are the custodians and should be the ones to sustain their development, while National Government builds capacity. 

He notes that it is disappointing to witness the government’s refusal to employ its citizens at the local level because of individual benefits and centralization.

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According to Chairman Brown, Maryland Electricity has been better managed than Monstserrado county over the years under the leadership of CEPA, a local company owned by Mr. Wade Dennis, a prominent son of Maryland like businessman Floyd Toma in Nimba, adding that in time of difficulties, Mr. Dennis provided proficiency in handling the county’s electricity. 

He further argues that despite compounded challenges with electricity in Montserrado county,  the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)  has deliberately refused to outsource Montserrado’s electricity, and the LEC central office continues to collect bills in Montserrado, but management is desperate to outsource Maryland.

He says this is because the sector in Maryland is about to boom due to the fact that the European Union has completed the electrification of the county, and the motive for outsourcing the county’s electricity is for promoting individual benefits.

“We therefore, categorically condemn such attempt and call on the CEO to put a halt on the process”, Chairman Brown demands. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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