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Marylanders Urged to Embrace Unity

Maryland County Assistant Superintendent for Development has called on citizens of the county to unite and accept one another to build a great county.

Speaking on the theme “Together we can build a great Maryland”, Mr. Nathaniel Toe, Jr. stressed the need for Marylanders to get rid of sectionalism, tribalism and all other vices that impede unity and progress.

“Well, in unity there is strength. We are calling on our people to break the sectional lines and work together as a county because people in the past focused on moving the county forward instead of looking at themselves as coming from this district or that section”, Toe noted.

He called on politicians to reconcile their differences and set a new pace for others to follow.

The Development Superintendent said unless Marylanders accept one another and realize that the county does not belong to a specific group of people, they will achieve nothing positive.

“Recognizing the fact that our coming from a tribe was not decided by ourselves but God; recognizing the fact that all of us are Liberians because we are Marylanders; and if Maryland will have to move forward we need to work together. The only way to work together is to tolerate one another because tolerance breeds unity”, he added.

Toe made the call when he delivered the keynote address at programs marking the 65th Flag Day Celebrations recently at the Harper City Hall.

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He urged the citizens to view the Flag Day as an occasion for reflection and correction of errors made in the past in order to pursue a brighter future, saying “You come to realize that when Liberia declared her independence, lot of men signed the declaration of independence, to correct that, August 24 too is the day for the women. So we want all women, men, districts, and chiefdoms to work together for the common good of all Marylanders.”

This year’s celebration in the county was marked by a parade and an indoor program organized by the County Education System.

Maryland County Education Officer James Barti, expressed delight for the turnout during the occasion and thanked various schools, local authorities and partners for the level of cooperation which he noted, made the program a success.

CEO Barti admonished educators and students alike to promote unity, stressing the need for reconciliation and peace education to be taught in schools as a surest way of fostering peace in Liberia.

Participating schools included Cape Palmas High, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic, J.S. Pratt United Methodist and Jireh Solid Foundation Elementary and High schools, respectively.

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