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Mighty Barrolle Starts Preseason

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Liberia’s former champion Mighty Barrolle has embarked on its preseason formation ahead of the Liberian season scheduled to kickoff mid next month. The Rollers were seen in a low number on Tuesday morning when players turned-out for the first session of preseason training at the unhealthy Fish market training arena. But they never trained because of the low attendants. The venue is use by numerous clubs from the various divisions.

Few spectators who showed-up to witness the team’s practice session described the rollers poor turnout as a disgrace. “It is a total disgrace to see Mighty Barrolle coming for training session with footballs in a big blue plastic beg, it is shameful and shocking,” one of the disappointed spectators said. ‘Look at this club that is more than 50 years old, what has been the leadership’s impact on the club for the past years,” said another.

Some fans blamed current President Julius Duncan Cassell for poor administration. They alleged that the club’s president has failed to transform the club from just a football gesture center into a well organized and independent institution that can survive and attrack sponsorship.

Few potentials legs at the club are leaving for other clubs as free agents, Archie Harvey is heading for Monrovia FC as free agent, Little Eddie Lewis off to Sweden as a free agent, goalkeepers Sam Cooper may land at Monrovia FC or renew his contract with Barrolle, but some Swedish clubs are after his signature. 

Will LFA Frustrate Sam Johnson?

Liberia’s Under-23 striker Sam Johnson and the Liberia Football Association is said to be at loggerhead regarding the slowness of the football house to forward his (Sam Johnson) International Transfer Certificate to the Swedish Football authority. According to the player manager Tore Eliasson, the local football house has been slow and don’t seem to recognize the urgency of the player’s ITC to allow him start playing.

Since Dalkurd FF signed Sam Johnson for the rest of the season, the club has played two games without the Liberian appearing due to the absent of his International Transfer Certificate. Johnson arrived in Sweden nearly two months ago and managed to settle a season deal with Swedish 1st Division outfit Dalkurd FF.

During a late evening conversation with Sam Johnson from Sweden, the former Nimba FC striker said Dalkurd FF has been a bit patience with him, but the local football house has created an avenue for the club to serve him a warning letter threatening to cancel the deal if the ITC fail to reach to it by last Tuesday 5’O Clock PM.

In recent time the Liberian football house took over Nimba FC until it can complete the ongoing investigation concerning the ownership of the club. Tore Eliasson said the club extended the deadline for Sam Johnson International Transfer Certificate up to Wednesday evening by 5: pm.

If nothing is done quickly by the football house to send Sam Johnson ITC, he will return to Liberia and play here until next season, Tore noted.Two Liberians Off To Sweden. Might Barrolle captain Little Eddie Lewis and Invisible Eleven winger Otis Kuwin has departed the country to obtain their Swedish visa from Nigeria.

Although the Swedish manager failed to disclose the names of the club the two Liberians are heading for, Peterson said they will honor many tryouts in the next two weeks before the window closes at the end of the month.

Invisible Eleven Otis Kuwin Senorioh played a major role during the club fixtures that landed the knock-Out championship at the club, Otis also turned down two offers in recent time, one from Denmark and another from Spain. The arrival of the two Liberians in Sweden this week will increase the number to eight Liberian players that have landed in that country within the space of two months.

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