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National Muslim Council inducts new leadership 

By Naneka Hoffman

National Muslim Council of Liberia (NMCL) has inducted into office, new corps of officials to steer the affairs of the Association.

Those inducted include Alhajii Abraham F. Sheriff, National Executive Chairman, Sherikh Mohammed M. Konneh National Vice Chairman For Administration, Sheirkh Abdulrahman I. Sow, Vice Chairman for Operations; Dr. Abbas S. Kanneh, National Vice Chairman For Religious Affairs, Sister Amna V. Sherif Vice Chairperson For Women’s Affairs, A.F. Kuku Reeves National Secretary General, and Vannie S. Momolu National Deputy Secretary General, respectively.

Speaking at the induction ceremony over the weekend at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, the newly elected Chairman Alhaji Abraham F. Sheriff says Muslims in Liberia, in the midst of lack of meaningful progress over several years, characterized by disunity, excessive greed and continuous quest for personal wealth and glory; corruption, envy and hate, became semblance of a failed Ummah.

The National Muslim Council of Liberia Executive Chairman Sheriff explained that widows and orphans amongst Muslims were largely abandoned, Islamic education system collapsed, homes became multi-faith, while brothers and sisters in public services no longer saw corruption and injustice as crimes.

Chairman Sheriff continues that school-going children no longer saw immortality, indecency and cheating as offenses that corrupt society and are subject to severe punishment by Allah. In short, he says Muslims had started to totally forget that, accountability on the Day of Judgment is a divine promise with severe punishment awaiting the guilty ones.

He further noted that Allah said in the Holy Quran Surat “Verily, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they (first) change their ways and their minds.”

He said over the years, Muslims have changed from good to bad, the consequence of which they have suffered, but now they have started a new journey to change from bad to good.

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“Today’s ceremony marks an important turn in that direction of change for the better. And as Allah has promised, we with our hearts wide open, ask you the Almighty, to protect our efforts towards a United Ummah, able us to give our children the best upbringing, make us lovers of justice indiscriminately, and people who serve others and put Liberia first with honesty, commitment and sincerity”, he said.

Chairman Sheriff noted that to reach this far, it took men and women, unbelievable strength and characters, vision and determination, who did not only put their money in the exercise but sacrificed their valuable time, withstood barrage of assassinations on their characters, became victims of rumors and lies that were meant to divide Muslims further and even endanger their security and safety with the State.

He said but Allah, the Almighty is sufficient for whomever depends on Him, quoting the Quran as saying “the truth has come and the falsehood has vanished and indeed the falsehood was meant to vanish.”

The National Muslim Council’s Institutional Reform exercise started in 2016 and unfolded as a Nationwide Consultation to sample the views and aspirations of Muslims in all 15 political subdivisions of Liberia on the statute of the Council.
Drafting of a new constitution to reflect the outcome of the Nationwide Constitution. Dissolution of the then leadership and constituting new inclusive interim national leadership.

The newly elected Chairman Sheriff added that inviting religious experts and legal minds to give guidance on new relevant provisions of a new draft constitution, conducting a 2-week validation process and adoption of the constitution.

H also outlined mobilization of resources to carry out major renovation of offices and conference hall of the headquarters, launching a nationwide membership drive and hosting the General Assembly and conducting a new corps of officers.

He thanked the United States Embassy, EU, Mano River Union, ECOWAS, including Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Saudi, Arabia for decades of traditional support to the people of Liberia, especially to Muslims, and particularly in the areas of Islamic education and development. “We wholeheartedly thank you and we look forward to a reenergized partnership.”

He rallied fellow Muslims of Liberia, including men, women and youth, especially those with qualifications that the time to sit on the fence is over, adding the Muslim Council is for all Muslims, to be an Imam, Islamic scholar, businessman, market woman, medical doctor, nurse, politicians, lawyers, students.

“You do not have to be only an Imam or Islamic scholar before you play a part. That self-serving notion that the Council is for religious people only, is the one that deprived the Council of the most sophisticated, contemporary expertise to serve the Muslims of Liberia.”

Making special remarks on behalf of President Weah, Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf, thanked the newly elected officers of the National Muslim Council of Liberia.

Minister Sirleaf explained that the names and officers that have been elected to share the Affairs of the National Muslim Council of Liberia today, with diverse backgrounds and names are making progress in their energetic draft.

Minister Sirleaf informed the Chairman that whatever they do under his leadership and the Muslim community would not succeed without keeping the code of peace in the world.

However, the Minister explained that Chairman Sheriff has been head of the Muslim community in keeping the peace in the country.

He urged the new leadership that under Chairman Sheriff’s stewardship, they should continue to keep the peace because the Muslim community is very important.

The ceremony was graced by Mohammed Kheybich, head of Saudi Delegation, Imaam Abdullah Gassimu Mansaray, outgoing chairman of National Muslim Council, Dr. Brahma Kaba, Mawata A. Dukuly, Atty. Alhaji Varforay Musa Kamara Vice Chairman for Administration, Student Seku I. Sheri High School, Alhaji Abraham Fumbah Sherif, Chairman National Muslim Council, Hon. Boakai A. Dukuly, Commissioner, National Elections Commission and United States Ambassador Michael A. McCarthy accredited near Monrovia. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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