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NEC certificates two new political parties

- challenges parties to respect Elections Law

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The National Elections Commission (NEC) over the weekend certificated two new political parties on the country’s already crowded political scene while challenging parties to respect and follow the national elections guidelines and regulations.

The new parties are the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL), and the Democratic National Allegiance (DNA).

They are now registered to operate as political parties in Liberia. Liberia is due to go to the polls in October this year for a presidential and legislative election. 

“Election is everybody’s business. It’s therefore binding on all Liberians to ensure a peaceful election at all times,” the NEC said over the weekend.

“All Liberians must commit themselves to the rule of law … as the [surest] way to sustaining our peace, and democracy in Liberia,” it added.

supporters of DNA

During the ceremony, NEC Chairperson Madam Davidetta Brown-Lansanah said it’s prudent that all political parties across the country respect and follow the National Elections guidelines and regulations, as well as the Constitution of Liberia to channel their concerns. 

Madam Brown-Lansanah challenged the newly certificated parties to use the elections law and the Constitution of Liberia as the basis for operation in the country. 

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She noted that the NEC Board of Commissioners’ decision to certify the EFFL and the DNA is based on requests made a few months ago by both parties to the NEC.

She said they applied and expressed their intent and interest to form political parties under the 1986 Constitution of Liberia, and the new Elections Law. 

“The commissioners wish to congratulate the EFFL and DNA. Following an in-depth process, the commissioners have no authority when a group of Liberians meets the minimum requirements for the establishment of a political party, but to follow the law and register those groups of Liberians,” she noted. 

“This is to certify that the EFFL and the DNA have completed all the requirements for registration as political parties as provided for in Article 79 of the Constitution of Liberia and the NEC guidelines and regulations relating to the formation and registration of political parties to operate in Liberia,” said Madam Brown-Lansanah.

She declared and accredited the EFFL and DNA as duly registered political parties with all rights and privileges.

According to Madam Brown-Lansanah, as the parties are now accepted, they will soon bring more problems to the NEC.

“You have come today again to be a part of the political sojourn as a stakeholder in the process. I want to admonish you that the purpose of being a part is not only in terms of militancy but for you to be part of the voice of the people.”

Responding to the NEC, EFFL leader Emmanuel Gonquoi promised to make use of the elections law of Liberia and the constitution.

He noted that the militancy they deployed was intended to force the change in the society that they need and to allow people who are not democratically disciplined and obedient to do so.

“We are honored and glad to be certificated today by the NEC as a political party. As the commissioner had indicated, we will do all in our power as a political institution to abide by the rules and regulations governing political parties in Liberia and respect the Constitution of our country,” he concluded. –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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