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New LDEA boss leads citywide raids

-against suspected drug dealers

By Kruah Thompson 

Following the confirmation of AB Kromah early this February as Director of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA), the agency has intensified efforts in combating narcotics trafficking, resulting in the arrest of several suspected drug dealers from various neighborhoods across Monrovia.

Just days into his new role, the newly confirmed LDEA Boss spearheaded a special task force that conducted a series of successful raids, targeting individuals believed to be involved in the distribution and sale of illicit substances.

The operations spanning several days in Sayon Town Community, St. Paul Bridge Community, Boma Bridge Community, and Kakata, yielded multiple arrests and seizure of a substantial quantity of narcotics, including cocaine, heroin, kush, and marijuana along with paraphernalia used in their packaging and distribution.

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In addition to the arrests, LDEA officials say, some of the suspects apprehended during the operation are believed to be part of a larger network responsible for drug trafficking in the region.

Some of those arrested are believed to be Nigerian, but Director Kromah clarified that the LDEA under his leadership has not yet begun active operations, as it is still in a setup exercise phase.

“We remain committed to eradicating the scourge of drug trafficking from our communities,” he said, adding “These arrests send a clear message that we will not tolerate the proliferation of narcotics within our borders, and we will continue to pursue those responsible with unwavering determination.”

The successful operation stems from close collaboration between the LDEA and other law enforcement agencies, as well as support from community members who provided valuable tips and information leading to the apprehension of suspected drug dealers.

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Contraband confiscated will serve as evidence as investigation progresses, with charges expected to be filed against those suspects in accordance with Liberian law.

The LDEA has urged citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to drug trafficking or substance abuse to the appropriate authorities. By working together, law enforcement agencies and the community can effectively disrupt drug syndicates’ operations and prevent harmful substances from reaching the streets.

Statistics put the number of drug-addicted youth in Liberia at 250,000. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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