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New primary health center opens in kakata

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf over the weekend dedicated Waterfield Primary Healthcare Center Laboratory, Ultrasound and Telemedicine Departments in Kakata, Margibi County.

Mrs. Sirleaf commended the Proprietress & Founder, Dr. Christiana Hena for giving back to the community adding: “We are here to recognize a Liberian for her courage, dedication and passion to come back and give to her people; Just think of all Liberians who have achieved that will decide to come back and give like what she has done,” President Sirleaf noted.

President Sirleaf made the statement on Friday, November 3, 2017 when she cut the ribbon to the newly constructed Healthcare Center under the request of Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia in Kakata.

An Executive Mansion release said President Sirleaf who appeared thrilled by Dr. Hena’s initiative to construct the Health Center, Ultrasound and Telemedicine Departments in county said this should serve as an inspiration and motivation to other Liberian Doctors who have gone out in other parts of the world including the United States of America and achieved to come home and give to their community like Dr. Hena has done.

She said Liberians make the sacrifice even though sometimes they might not have the resources but they have the skills and talents and are willing to put them to work not only for themselves but for the good of others. She praised Dr. Hena for coming home and taking the courage, which according to her is not often found in the Liberian society because it takes extreme passion and courage to do so.

President Sirleaf used the occasion to commend Dr. Christiana Hena for her professionalism, passion for her country. She then appointed Dr. Hena as her private and family doctor and pledged to perform her annual medical checkup at the Center given the set up and the quality of technology she had seen. She lauded international partners and residents of the community who contributed and turnout in their numbers to witness the ceremony and for closely working with Dr. Hena and her partners in acquiring equipment, resources including the land among others on which the facility is sited.

Together, she said everyone can achieve something in rebuilding the country, like what Dr. Hena and her partners have done. The Liberian leader however expressed serious disappointment in the absence of the Minister of Heath and Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer stressing they should have been here to grace this occasion and walk through these facilities. She however said she will encourage them and make show they come to the facility and familiarize themselves with activities at the center.

Speaking further, the Liberian leader paid tribute to the father of Dr. Christiana Hena, Dominic Hena who according to her was one of those recognized and honored during this year Independence Day Celebration for his selfless and outstanding contribution made to society. She thanked him for his service to the country, which she said was worth commending.

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For her part, the Proprietress & Founder of the Waterfield Primary Healthcare Center, Dr. Christiana Hena thanked President Sirleaf for gracing the occasion and celebrating with them stressing. “Thank you Madam President, for being here today; Today is a one of celebration.” She informed President Sirleaf that over 36 communities around Kakata will benefit from services, which will be rendered including Dental Care, Laboratory and eye check, among others.

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