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NPP bursts into another chaos

As Coalition framework document backfires

It seems like the power struggle within the National Patriotic Party (NPP) of jailed former President Charles Taylor will never go away, as new conflict emerges.

The latest conflict follows the signing of a purported “resolution” to commit the party to the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) ahead of the 2023 elections. That resolution has backfired bringing the legality of the CDC framework document which commits the NPP to the process in doubt, at least according to the NPP embattled Chairman Sen. James Biney.

In a five-point letter addressed to the National Elections Commission Chairperson Davidetta Browne-Lansanah, Sen. Biney requests NEC to return the resolution and framework document for the process to be done properly.

He also asked NEC not to do business with former Representative George Mulbah in his purported role as “Acting Chairman” of NPP.

Excerpts of the letter:

“I present my compliments and herewith bring to the attention of the National Elections Commission activities unfolding within the National Patriotic Party (NPP) as indicated below:

  1. The resolution dated and signed February 3, 2023, and captioned “Resolution Emanating from the National Executive Committee of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) from its Extraordinary Session Held at the Headquarters on February 2, 2023,” points to extraordinary session and national executive committee meeting which never took place to derive such resolution. Article 5, Sec. 1 of the NPP’s constitution provides that all national executive committee meetings, sessions, and conventions are convened and presided over by the national chairman of the Party. In my capacity as National Chairman, I convened and presided over no such extraordinary session, neither did I preside over the national executive committee meeting referred to. Additionally, it is a requirement of the Elections Commission that political parties inform the election body of any extraordinary sessions or conventions the political party may hold. Had the NPP held any such session, the Elections Commission would have been appropriately informed by me.
  1. That the Vice Chairman for Administration of the Party, in person of partisan George S. Mulbah, signed the Coalition’s framework document on my behalf without my authorization. While the Chairman of the Party is present and available, no Vice Chairman can constitutionally exercise the function of the Chairman without authorization of the Chairman. Article 5, Sec. 2 of the NPP’s constitution states that the Vice Chair for administration of the Party only acts as Chairman when the National Chairman is absent or performs other functions that the Chairman may assign to him or her. In view of this provision of the Party’s constitution, Partisan George S. Mulbah’s signature placed on the framework document in my stead for the renewal of the Coalition for Democratic Change, without my express authority, renders the document, illegal, unconstitutional, and voidable.
  1. The signing of the NPP’s resolution that is attached to the framework document of the Coalition by partisans Nyondweh Monkonomah, Chief Cyril Allen, and Lawrence George on behalf of the Advisory Body violates Article 3, Sec. 3.2c, of the Party’s Constitution. This section of the constitution provides that the Advisory Board of the Party shall be represented on the National Executive Committee by one person; that is its chairman.
  1. The signing of the NPP’s resolution by partisans Nelieh Daituah, Melee Kemue, J. Thomas Pluato, Amanda Garnett, and Emmanuel Goll, all of whom ceased being members of the National Executive Committee of the Party as of the October 7, 2022 Biennial Convention mandated by the Civil Law Court, renders the resolution violative of Article 3, Sec. 3.2c of the constitution of the Party, considering that the new officers elected are the current officials who should sign said resolution. Following the conduct of the October 7, 2022, Biennial Convention of the Party, the Secretary General communicated the new list of elected officials to the National Elections Commission.
  1.  The use of “pp” by unknown persons who signed the Party’s resolution without express authority to do so, raises doubts as to the authenticity of the signatures on the document.

In view of the five counts stated above, I request the National Elections Commission to investigate and see reason to return said resolution and framework document for the process to be done properly and in line with the constitution of the Party. Furthermore, I call on the Commission NOT to do business with partisan George S. Mulbah in his purported capacity as “Acting Chairman” of the NPP in violation of Article 5.1 of the NPP Constitution. Please find attached copies of the NPP’s constitution, the so-called resolution, and the framework document.”

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