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PAMA CO Movement inspires young people

By Lewis S. Teh

A local group, PAMA CO Live Authentically Movement, has encouraged young people in Liberia to cultivate self-confidence and self-love that will pave their way in identifying career paths.

Ms. Parnneh Mallobe, lead of the Movement says they work with everyone including youth and young adults in helping them to have confidence in themselves, saying “Our goal is to create a world where people can be themselves and truly for who they are.”

Ms. Mallobe spoke recently at Icampus on Carey Street in central Monrovia when the organization held the second edition of its wellness summit for dozens of youth and young adults.

According to her, the Movement works alongside different groups in different areas but one of its key focuses is the wellness summit that is meant to bring people together to discuss different issues surrounding growth, change of mind, career path drive, among others.

She said this year’s focus is on discovering oneself – a journey that leads to finding self-confidence.

“This wellness summit is intended to nourish the minds of the youth and adults to make them learn new things in order to have self-confidence.”

She noted that the decision to establish PAMA CO Live Authentically Movement derived from bullying from friends during her high school days and up to present so it was necessary to bring people with similar experiences together and discuss ways to find solutions.

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“There came a time where I sat by myself and thought it was prudent for people who are victims of this to come together and shed light and discuss things that affect them and find a solution to them.”

She pointed out that failure to tackle issues that affect people in society often leads to mental issues including stress and depression among others. “The message we sending out this year is that you are enough,” she adds.

Speaking to the participants at the start of the summit, Madam Ne-Suah Beyan Livingstone charged young people to do away with fear and doubt, and instead, have conviction that they can become whatever they desire or aspire for.

“As you become a new confident, your associate matters a lot, what you need around are group of people who will clap when you fail”, she said.

Speaking on the topic “Becoming the New Confident You”, she encouraged young people to surround themselves with group of people that will motivate and push them in whatever way.

She said if someone motivates an individual, it pushes said person to do more and become what he or she desires, adding you have to trust and believe in yourself; there will come a time where no one wants to believe you, that’s exactly when you trust in your abilities and capabilities.

“You need a sense of control in your life if you must become the new confident you, your space should be so valuable, allowing people who should be people of your character. You need people who support you, motivate you, when it comes to decisions that will build you for tomorrow, that’s why when you choose to keep the real people”, she added.

She encouraged young people to always follow their potential and strength, and realize what they are good at, while also recognizing their weaknesses and flaws in becoming what they aspire to be.

“You need to have a positive view of yourself, the first thing to be positive is to believe that you can do it despite it being difficult, and to set realistic expectations and goals.”

She outlined that self-love, self-care, positive relationships including self-worth, and self-affirmation as key virtues young people should possess if they must become confident persons.

“Let me tell you one thing; in becoming a new confident you, always make sure those advising you should not leave your life because the real disgrace isn’t about falling but refusing to wake up”, she concluded.

The one-day wellness summit which brought together scores of young people, predominantly females, was meant to inspire young people to have self-confidence. Youth constitute about 60 percent of Liberia’s population. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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One Comment

  1. Quite a great read, I’m glad I was part of the Wellness Summit which was hosted at iCampus. The agenda Pama Co preaches is a significant one in our evolving Liberian society. Thank You Ma’am Parnneh And the team at Pama Co. Let’s connect again; soon.

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