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Police investigate woman’s kidnap claim

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By Lincoln G. Peters

Police authorities in Monrovia say they are investigating a lady’s claim that she was allegedly kidnapped by some unknown men last week for ritualistic purposes, though she survived.

Police say the survivor, a middle-aged – woman, informed them that she was taken away by the unknown men into a place where other victims were slaughtered and their body parts removed for some alleged ritualistic purposes.

The Spokesman for the Liberia National Police (LNP) Moses Carter told reporters that on Sunday, 12 September 2021, the lady informed police officials that she was kidnapped in the Coca – Cola Factory community in Paynesville, Montserrado County and taken to an unknown destination.

A lady’s voice has been circulating here on social media claiming to narrate an encounter with some unknown persons who had allegedly intended using the narrator for ritualistic purposes but were compelled to set her free after realizing that she was unwell and therefore could not be used for rituals.

In an interaction with reporters, Mr. Carter declined to state the name of the lady on grounds that it would undermine the investigation.

He said police at Zone Five Depot on Sunday received a lady who had gone to the station alleging of being kidnapped by some unknown men and taken to an unknown destination.

According to Carter, the police extracted the initial statement from the survivor and told her to go back to the station on Monday, 13 September so as to complete the extraction of the statement from her and to launch a full investigation into the matter to bring the doers to book.

But Carter said the survivor has not returned despite several calls by the police, adding that her refusal to respond to police’s calls has the propensity to slow the investigation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Carter has called on citizens to be very careful with people and how they move around because the days are evil and nobody knows what is ahead.

According to an audio recording purporting to contain the lady’s voice, the survivor got on a motorbike at Duport Road Junction in Paynesville while on her way to Redlight to get some foodstuff when a male passenger later stopped the bike seeking to ride along.

As the audio reveals, she allegedly complained against riding on the same bike with a male passenger because most men who usually sit behind female passengers would misbehave.

She said, she, however, granted the guy’s request and they embarked on the journey. When they got to Ducor Mineral Water Factory in Paynesville, the survivor narrated that the guy took off a white handkerchief and rubbed it on her face, after which she got very weak and began to ask what was going on.

She said no one answered her, and when they got to the Coca – Cola Factory, the guys took her from the bike and put her in a black private vehicle and took her to an unknown destination with a black cloth tied on her face.

“They took me in an unfinished building and took off the black cloth from my face where I saw five other persons along with me and they began to take us in another room called the slaughter room one at a time to kill us,” the survivor explained.

The victim narrated that when people are taken in the room, you will hear them yelling, pleading for rescue and screaming that their body parts were being taken. 

“When my time reached, I was taken into the slaughter room where I saw all kinds of instruments used by them to take various body parts from people. When they undressed me to have me killed, I was going through my woman’s sickness and they said I was unclean for the sacrifice and instructed the men to get me out,” she said.

She furthered that the guys who were doing the killing and removing the body parts of the kidnapped people referred to her as an unclean chicken and ordered that she be taken back wherever they could.

She said when they took the last lady in, she had the same situation and so the men had both of them covered till the night and dropped them back at Coca – Cola Factory Junction in Paynesville.

The survivor asserted that she reported to the Zone Five Police Station and made a statement there while the other lady went home.

Meanwhile, the lady further narrated that she is going through trauma, adding that when she is alone, she always hears voices of people screaming for help like the ones she heard in the slaughterhouse.

She explained that she continues to picture other instruments that she saw on the table in the slaughterhouse and the pool of blood there.–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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