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Police warn protesters

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It has been brought to the attention of the Liberia National Police (LNP) that certain elements comprising of two separate groups have planned a street protest/demonstration in Monrovia on Friday, March 11, 2016 to ostensibly, petition the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

Under the Laws of this Country, group or Citizens intending to carry out demonstrations or protest’s, must obtain a Permit from the Ministry of Justice. The Permit is intended to enable the Government to provide police and security support to the demonstrators and to those who are not part of the demonstration including individuals, and Business Entities to go about their normal businesses. It’s also allows vehicular traffic not to be impeded.

It is therefore advised that those planning to stage the demonstration on March 11, 2016 to obtain a Permit from the Ministry of Justice before embarking upon the planned demonstration. The Government of Liberia has also determined that no demonstrations are to take place on the streets and the parameters of the Presidential residences, Executive Mansion, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Temple of Justice, Capitol Building, and the Liberia National Police. Hence, these areas will be off limit to any planned demonstration.

In the event that the demonstration proceeds without a prior Permit from the Ministry of Justice, we want it to be noted that the organizers will be held responsible for any injury and property damage that may occur during the demonstration.

In view of the forgoing the LNP would like to caution the planners of this demonstration scheduled for March 11, 2016 adhere to the law by obtaining the required Permit and to limit their exercises away from areas that have been declared off limit.

Liberia has enjoyed more than ten years of Peace in the interest and benefit of all citizens and as such, it behooves all Liberians to ensure that they continue to maintain this peace without interruption.

We hope those concerned will adhere to the law and conduct themselves accordingly.


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