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‘President Weah is clueless’

–UP Vice Chairperson Mrs. Dabah M. Varpilah asserts

By Lincoln G. Peters

The Vice Chairperson for the Administration of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) Madam Dabah M. Varpilah says President George Manneh Weah is a clueless leader.

Addressing reporters recently in Monrovia, Madam Varpilah said Mr. Weah lacks understanding, knowledge, and comprehension about the importance of governance.

She said there is no time to dwell on President Weah’s failures because they are well-known when you ride a taxi, or motorbike and visit Churches, Mosques, intellectual centers, and every street corner.

“The message is clear. President Weah has no clue what he is doing and no knowledge of what he has to do, and no vision of where he wants to take the country,” Madam Varpilah alleged. 

“A country like ours that is still recovering from the brunt of the civil war, with so much at stake, but the president we have remains clueless on the importance [of] governance of a fragile country like ours,” she lamented. 

“We warned Liberians that this would’ve happened,” Mrs. Varpilah added.

Madam Varpilah argued that everyone knows the State of the Nation where women are not protected, garbage is not collected, children are not educated, and people are not earning enough to live in comfort and dignity.

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She said the state of the nation is that health centers are not equipped, and the youth are losing their lives to drugs.

“In our nation, the president and his party failed to conduct a credible census that results could be used for your development trajectory,” she claimed.

She said the government failed to pay enumerators, young people looking to serve their country. 

She said the government did not complete the census on time, and the census showed not only that the regime is corrupt, but also that it just cannot do anything right. 

“In Liberia today, salary harmonization leads to increment in poverty rather than relieving the people of the very poverty,” she said. 

“The president said that he has only realized that some people are making below the minimum wage.”

In Liberia, Madam Varpilah continued, debt stock went from moderate under the UP government to high under the CDC government.

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