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President Weah is leading from behind

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FROM ALL INDICATIONS, President George Manneh Weah needs to adjust his leadership style and governs Liberia from the front rather than being a backbencher. President Weah’s posture of leading Liberians from the rear is not just harming the country in so many ways, but raising a shadow over the country.

FOR NEARLY THREE years, Mr. Weah has not mustered courage enough to take charge of leadership, instead, allowing his officials to call the shots at the expense of a people-centered Presidency.

We are talking about the 4.5 million Liberians in and out of the country including those from the opposition, not just partisans of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change.

THESE LAPSES BY the President has become very glaring so much so that outcries are pouring in about citizens not feeling the presence of the leader they elected at the ballot box in 2017 to govern their affairs.

PRESIDENT WEAH SEEMS to be confined or has allowed himself to be confined in a corner by so-called advisors and loyalists, who claim to know it all when their real motive is to have an opportunity to get at perceived enemies.

AS NIMBA COUNTY District#5 Representative Samuel G. Kogar observed here on Sunday, President George Manneh Weah has distanced himself from the masses, who popularly elected him.

HE CAUTIONED MR. WEAH not to destroy his popularity by avoiding people under the pretext of “security intelligence”, which he described as fake.

REP. KOGAR SPECIFICALLY accused Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill, of erecting blockage around President Weah to deny key officials from interacting with the President on major national issues.

THIS IS A VERY serious allegation coming from a member of the House of Representatives, who commands a voting constituent. He is not the only one decrying such posture of the President or those surrounding the Presidency.

SEVERAL OTHER OFFICIALS have similarly complained of being denied access to President Weah. Even if Mr. is pressurized to come out and speak, he throws nothing but jives at perceived critics and enemies, shamelessly justifying and defending inadequacies of his leadership. It is quite disappointing and embarrassing for a President so elected by popular votes to feel insecure, afraid, and to consider his subjects as enemies just half way into his term.

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