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Prophet Nayensuabo damns CDC government

By Lewis S Teh

The Director of Emmanuel Love Evangelical Ministry and Head Pastor of the Redeemed Protestant Church of Jesus Christ, Apostle Donatus S. Nayensuabo, says the CDC government of President George Weah is the most wicked government ever in Liberia that took state power to kill, steal and destroy.

“This government is not a government of Jesus Christ; instead, they are a government of Satan. Since they took power, they only care to steal, kill and destroy innocent lives”, he says.

Apostle Nayensuabo spoke recently during the commemoration of the 201 Anniversary of Christopolis Day held on Providence Island over the Mesurado River.

“The government as a matter of fact was established by the masonic craft, so last year their so-called bicentennial celebration was only a political rhetoric to gain political favor; so, they didn’t come on this Providence Island with the intention of remembering our forefathers who founded this land.”

He wondered why the government didn’t celebrate the 197th, 198th, and 199th bicentennial, but instead, jumped to celebrating 200 years, adding that Saturday, January 7, 2023, marked the 201st anniversary but nobody cares, which clearly indicates that the bicentennial celebration was fake.

Giving the historicity of Christopolis Day celebration, he recalled that the city of Christopolis was established in 1822 by Jesus Christ the God of Christosethnon to glorify him, preach and teach the ten commandments and gospel in proclaiming the word of God through the Holy Spirit.

Christopolis is historically said to be the original name for Liberia.

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He said 2023 marks the restoration and re-establishment of Christopolis, as the center of everlasting gospel mission, the Christian faith, the ten commandments and a witness of his second coming.

Apostle Nayensuabo continued that January 7 each year should be a lifestyle for the Government and people of Liberia to celebrate the return of the country’s forefathers, referencing  Deuteronomy 16:16 in the Holy Bible where he said, God instructed the children of Israel to gather three times a year to thank him, lamenting that the present generation doesn’t know and that since Liberia departed from Jesus Christ in 1824, this day has never been observed.

He argued that before January 7, 1822, there was no religious denomination in Liberia, but few groups of pagans and various tribes worshipped idols.

According to him, when the Church arrived here, it came with the knowledge of Judish Christian God, with the knowledge that it was God himself, who gave them the land.

“We in this country don’t know that we are the blessings of the Slave Trade,” he said, adding “Our forefathers suffered in the United States over 200 years. It’s their sweat and blood that built the United States until God pulled them out of slavery and gave them this land like the case with the children of Egypt.”

He said the gathering on Providence Island was to petition the Lord Jesus Christ to beseech and cry onto him that the country’s forefathers failed Him for over 200 years, and now their children don’t want to walk in that same footsteps.

“This year is the year that the Lord has chosen for the Church to guide the people especially, officials who will lead this country and break the curse in 2024.”

Apostle Nayensuabo recalled that last year, President Weah announced a steering committee to organize the bicentennial celebrations in honor of free slaves, marking 200 years since they landed on this soil.

According to the Steering Committee, the theme of the bicentennial was “Liberia: The Land of Return – Commemorating 200 Years of Freedom and Pan-African Leadership” with the slogan “The Lone Star Forever, Stronger Together.”

The Committee said the theme signifies three important historical milestones achieved by the country since it was founded in 1822 by free people of African descent and their patrons from the United States.

The theme celebrates Liberia, in West Africa, as the land chosen as a refuge by free people of African descent who endured many years of servitude in the United States, to settle as their home country. Consequently, under the auspices of the American Colonization Society (ACS), many of the free people of color emigrated from the United States and disembarked on Providence Island in Liberia on January 7, 1822, as their home country.  Editing by Jonathan Browne

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