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Protest at NaFFA

-Employees decry alleged malpractices  

 By Naneka A. Hoffman

Employees of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) on Bushrod Island adjacent to the Freeport of Monrovia have protested against the administration there, demanding the dismissal of Director General, Madam Emma Metieh Glassco, for alleged malpractices.

They accused the Emma Glassco-led administration of systemic malpractices that have denied them available opportunities to pursue studies abroad.

Speaking to the NEW DAWN on Thursday, February 22nd, one of aggrieved employees, Patrick T. Wisseh, narrated that salary is as low as US$300 without transportation and feeding.

Mr. Wisseh says he is a professional who is trained to collect scientific data and monitor vessels that are fishing in Liberian waters.

He says NaFAA is a quality institution but when scholarships are available to enable them pursue further studies abroad, they are denied, adding that they have written both the House of Representatives and the Senate, highlighting such treatment by Glassco administration. 

According to him, their immediate bosses are dancing to the tone of the administration in denying them opportunities to advance themselves for the future growth of the Authority.

Another fisheries observer, Matthew W. Tokpah, laments that go on sea to work without insurance benefits.

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Mr. Tokpah explains that their Daily Sustenance Allowance (DSA) as Fisheries Observers is US$30 but they received only $10.

He adds on the international vessels, the DSA was supposed to be US$50, but administration provided US$15, and that D.G. Glassco has allegedly refused to bring in more vessels for effective observation.

According to him, Madam Glassco receives US$100k every year from GuoJI Dalian Frozen Food, so that no other company can come in the country to engage in similar business.

Tokpah further alleges that the Director General uses the entity’s payroll to impress foreign donors and the public that employees are well taken care of, but in reality, there is unfair treatment from the administration.

He calls for an audit of Madam Glassco, who he claims has bought a house in California for US$550k through her Aunt Lurina Coleman.

At the same time, the Chief Driver for the NaFFA Boss, Blamah Sambullah, who was dismissed recently, says the main reason behind his dismissal was that he refused to vote for the defeated Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and had nothing to do with disorderly conduct.

Mr. Sambullah, explains that he was dismissed on December 12, 2023, without salary after his boss, Madam Emma Glassco, said she does not have a UP supporter as her driver.

Attempt by the NEW DAWN to get clarification from the NaFFA administration was unsuccessful, as the entity’s Head of Communication Lewis Konoe, says administration will respond via an official press release. Editing by Jonathan Browne 

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