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Reckless power display

Liberia’s Independent National Commission on Human Rights or INCHR says the “reckless and willful” display of “shameless powers and insensitivity” by the House of Representatives to its people speaks volumes to the political culture that the country is building.

Reckless power

In a press release issued in Monrovia, the INCHR reminded all lawmakers at the Lower House that they owed much more to the people of Liberia “rather than their individual and cliché political egos.”

“The reckless and willful [display] of shameless powers and insensitivity to the already pitiful conditions of Liberia people speaks volumes to the political culture that we are building,” it said.

The Lower House has been through months of intensive battle between two blocs of lawmakers that are divided on the basis of those seeking the recusal of House Speaker Alex J. Tyler and those supporting him to continue to preside over Legislative matters at the Lower House while he remains indicted over an alleged bribery scandal levied by U.K. – based Global Witness.

But the INCHR says it is deeply troubled, worried and concerned about the continuous split within the House of Representatives and the adverse implication it has on the realization of basic human rights for the people of Liberia.

The INCHR sees the split and internal bickering at the Lower House has not only paralyzed the functions of the House and stooped it to its lowest ebb over dubious circumstances only expressed in claims and counterclaims in modern history.

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The Commission says the situation has denied the people of Liberia the provision and benefits to basic social services including health and education. It argued that the House is an integral part of the Legislature with constitutional duties to make laws, provide oversight necessary and to ensure the fulfilment and realization of fundamental rights of the Liberian people.

As such, the INCHR says the House must at all time conduct itself in esteem of the Constitution and the people of Liberia who out of moral integrity, elected individuals to the Legislature to guarantee freedom from fear and wants.

It has asked the Lower House to reverse such trend of power display on grounds that the people of Liberia deserve better treatment and respect. “The INCHR believes that such bickering undermines and compromises the protection and promotion of the political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights of the people of Liberia and the upcoming elections in Liberia,” the Commission said.

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