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Elder Nyonseor, Sr., ULAA Imminent Person, Writer, Historian, Publisher (The Perspective, an online news magazine of Atlanta, GA., USA) and long-time political activist writes “We refuse to accept second-class Citizenship in the Country of Our Birth. I disagreed with the limitation placed on Diaspora Dual Citizens proposal submitted by Senator Varney G. Sherman; especially, for NOT to be eligible to hold the office of the President, Vice President, Chief Justice, Speaker, Senate Pro tempore, Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance & Development Panning, among others. Liberian Citizenship is our birthrights; therefore, the Liberian Legislature cannot deny us these rights because they feared us. We were born Liberians, therefore, we are prepared to see to its restoration”(The Perspective, December 15, 2019).

This concept of “once a Liberian, always a Liberian”, became popular because Mr. Emmanuel Wettee, ULAA Guru on Dual Citizenship in Liberia says that Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic Speech, ‘I Have A Dream’ Equals Once-a-Liberian, Always-a-Liberian . . .”

But the concept is a historical fallacy, a planned, calculated political lie. What then, indeed, are the facts and law?

Firstly, according to the Liberian National Journal (Liberian National Journal, August 28, 2013), The idea of ‘once a Liberian, always a Liberian’ was declared, also, by Cllr. Varney Sherman in his 2013 Independence Day Oration as Chairman of the-then Ruling, Unity Political Party and turned into a rallying cry by those pushing for dual citizenship in Liberia, but that claim can never, will never pass any serious public and legal scrutiny, because the argument is deeply flawed.

Secondly, only things such as one’s tribe and skin color may or can be described as “always”. Because Once a Kru man will always be a Kru man; once a black man will always be a black man; and once a white man will always be a white man. Anything that is inherent in a person that is based on God’s decision (naturally-endowed) that human being lacks the ability to control or change can be properly described as “always”.

Citizenship may not or can never be “always” because it is imposed by law (the Social Contract of the Social State). The term “Liberian” is a descriptive, legal term which states that as long as one abides by such law, then one will, always, be a Liberian. Indeed, we concur that “Once-a-Liberian citizen is NOT always-a-Liberian citizen; here are the basic, truthful reasons:

1. Citizen/Citizenship is a socio-political concept recognized and granted by law made by humankind in society (the Social state and Contract), an agreement with “terms & conditions” that define mutually-binding rights, obligations and responsibilities of the individual or citizen to the state and of the state to the individual or citizen;

2. The terms “Liberian”&“Citizen/Citizenship” are designations that defined and granted to individuals by humankind in society; therefore, these designations may be rejected, withdrawn or held in perpetuity depending upon the holder’s obedience or disobedience to the mutually-binding rules & regulations or “terms & conditions;

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3. Thus, Birth in Liberia or on Liberian soil (Jus Soli, right of the soil); one may be born in country A and be naturalized citizen of country B;

4. Similarly, Liberian Blood (Jus Sanguinis, right of Liberian blood or ancestry); one whose parents are or were citizens of country C at birth and, therefore, citizen of the country C, may be naturalized citizen of country D; and therefore

5. This notion of “once a Liberian always a Liberian” wrongly equates Birth Rights (natural rights given by nature) to Citizenship Rights (Given by the Social State, the political community) or confuses the legitimate application of these important Rights. But no doubt, we are sure that Writer-Publisher Nyonseor is aware of the proper, legal and social applications of these Rights.

Importantly, a prominent but conroversial Senator, very close and political friend to the CDC, “predicts that the CDC will rig” the 2020 senatorial as well as the 2023 presidential and general elections and that “there will be chaos”. This then, is Politics Liberia.

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