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Say no to violence

Liberia’s Peace Ambassador William R. Tolbert is urging youth across the country to denounce violence in form or act, and rather focus on peace initiative as the country gets closer to the October 2017 representatives and presidential elections.

Amb. Tolbert sent a message to the young people here through a regular press briefing at the Ministry of Information on Friday, 13 January that violence undermines the progress of the country and causes destruction.

He appealed to the youth to say no to violence in any form or act, and further reminded Liberians home and abroad that 2017 is a very critical year for the citizenry. He said there is a need for citizens to come together and work in harmony, saying “we need to make every effort to make this election free, fair, and transparent without violence”.
Amb. Tolbert said since his he ascended to the office of Peace Ambassador, he has undertaken series of peace projects including peace seminar with various peace groups including the Young Ambassador of Peace, the Crusaders for Peace, and the Messenger of Peace.

According to him, he did the peace message in three different languages that include Mende, French and English to create the space where people of such languages would easily understand what is being said.

He said his office also conducted the imminent person forum, where relevant stakeholders were invited to discussion issues that might undermine peace, and make appropriate recommendations to the various ministries, agencies and commissions here.

He said the media were also engaged in a workshop hosted by Carter Center on their role that involved peace because his office experts that the press to put out accurate information to the public.

He further said workshop was held for the Liberia National Police and the motorcyclists to guide them and ensure that they do the right thing. He concluded that Christians and Muslims were invited in a workshop against violence.

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By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Winston W. Parley

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