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Sen. Wesseh family reacts

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The family of Mr. Jonah SokomaiWesseh rejects with shock and consternation, attempts by certain sections of the media and unscrupulous individuals to maliciously accuse him of playing a heinous role in the condemnable mob violence that occurred on Saturday night, April 30, 2016 in which a life was sadly lost.

It can be recalled Mr. Jonah Wesseh and friend had a fight at an entrainment spot in Monrovia, which led to death. According to a press statement issued Tuesday thru the offices of River Gee County Senator, Ambassador ConmanyWesseh, a well-known crusader for peace and anti-mob violence, the Wesseh Family is deeply saddened by this loss in the 704 Community near the Community of his residence on Du Port Road in Paynesville City outside Monrovia.

The statement said the facts and circumstances gathered by the family are that Senator Wesseh’s younger brother, Mr. Jonah Wesseh, admirably known as “Boy Soko” was mercilessly attacked to the point of death as he and his female companion left an entertainment spot called “ the Office” in the 704 Community where he had gone to relax with friends.

According to the accounts, Boy Soko, a respected transport owner, was escorting his friend who appeared intoxicated when an unidentified man approached him and claimed the lady to be his girlfriend. The statement further detailed that what started as a crude joke turned violent and both Soko and the young lady became targets of stones and other harmful implements from a group of about 15 to 20 rowdy men, saying that in the midst of the melee, Soko was knocked out unconscious with what he thinks was a big rock or iron that nearly cracked his skull and requiring him to receive seven stitches from the deep gashed on his head. When he regained consciousness, he only fled the scene for his dear life under the hail of the notorious mob justice call of “rogue, rogue!” and more stones.

The statement added that soaked in blood and barely able to walk, Soko returned home and relatives took him to a nearby clinic for first aid treatment. This terrible incident was reported to the Zone 5 Police station when day broke on Sunday.

Medication continued to the ELWA Hospital where he was referred for X-Ray and further examination on the suspected fractured skull.  It said it was en-route from ELWA Hospital, that a group of about 10 unruly young men set an ambush at the residence of Senator Wesseh on Tuesday May 3, obviously to kidnap Soko and take him away “to kill” in revenge on hearing of the death of one of the participants in the Saturday’s night mob violence. That was the first time Soko and any member of the Senator’s household had heard that someone else other than Soko and his girlfriend got wounded from that melee.

The statement said attempt to forcibly remove Soko from the Senator’s residence alarmed the Senator’s security guards and neighbors who then invited police to abort and disperse the mob that had now grown to over 25 persons. The family encouraged the police to take their member (Soko) into protective custody to the Zone 5 station, pleading for urgent investigation into the matter.

It then concluded that while the police conduct its impartial investigation, the Wesseh Family is calling on all to exercise patience and civility and pray for justice to be done without delay. Press statement

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