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Student, Young Groups not Part Petitioning

A group under the banner, Consortium of Grand Gedeh Youths & University Students against the Continuation of Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue’s Tenure has categorically distanced itself from a recent petition statement issued by a few self-styled university students for the re-eletion of Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue.

According to the National coordinator, Mr. Melvin Karwah, theConsortium of Grand Gedeh Youths & University Students described the petition as belly-driven, insensitive and lacks the support of the youths and students of Grand Gedeh County.

The Consortium also labeled the petitioners as little known people, who have no history and voice among the youths and students, as well as in the politics of Grand Gedeh. According to the group, its opposition to the third-term bid of Representative Pennue is a result of his dismal legislative performance for over ten years, including his continued silence on issues affecting Grand Gedians, especially the cases of the continual and unjustifiable incarceration of 13 Grand Gedians and the encroachment on Grand Gedians’ land by Ivoirians, etc. They also attributed their stance to his inability to initiate developments, giving of hand-outs to attract favors, as well as his attitude of undermining the progress of Grand Gedians, including former Assistant Minister T. Wilson Gaye, former Chief of Staff to Senator Isaac W.

Nyenabo, Madison Gwion, etc., and his continuous disregard for education. The Consortium of Grand Gedeh Youths & University Students against the Continuation of Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue said it was inconceivable that a group of people calling themselves university students will petitioned Representative Pennue for 18 years to perpetually enjoy legislative power when there were other well-meaning
Grand Gedeans who can do better.

The Consortium vowed to fully campaign against the re-election of Representative Pennue who wants to remain in power for 18 years. “We are going to provide the necessary consciousness through messages
as to why our people should not re-elect a character like Representative Pennue for 18 years”, a release quoted the group as saying.

The release further quoted the group as warning the representative against sponsoring stage-managed petitions, urging him to pursue college education and investment in something meaningful after 2017. They called on all Grand Gedians home and abroad to amalgamate forces to unseat Representative Pennue. Representative Pennue could not be reached by this paper for reaction. However, attempts are still being made for such reaction.

By Sally Gaye

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