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Teacher, Students Expelled For Clubbing

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The administration of the St. Augustine Episcopal Mission High School in Kakata, Margibi County has dismissed one of its instructors Mohammed C. Caulker and expelled two students after they were arrested by the Liberian National Police for drinking in a bar during school hours.

Teacher Caulker, who has been replaced by Mohammed Kemokai, was recently caught at the Kakata Refreshment Center adjacent the City Bakery in Kakata, Margibi County sharing club beer with his students in their school uniforms while school was in session, according to the police. The two students affected by the disciplinary action are Joshua Tokpah and another one popularly known as Playboy.

It can be recalled that after their arrest, Mohammed C. Caulker, a Physics instructor of the school told the public on a community radio station talk show that he and the students were not sharing club beer in the bar rather, the students had prior to going to the bar decided to offer him club beer, but according to him, he requested cash from them so that he could buy the beer himself.

He narrated that they later proceeded to the Kakata Refreshment Center where the students gave 150 Liberian dollars. Teacher Caulker said immediately, he told the student to leave the bar because it was wrong for teacher and students to be together in a bar.

According to him, he later told the bartender to serve him a bottle of beer and started keeping conversation with his colleagues with the expectation that the students have left the bar but to his surprise, they were still in the bar.

Due to their stubbornness, he decided to leave the bar when the police got hold of him and the students in the bar. He added that the students sometimes gave him gifts, including money. One of the students, who claimed to be very brilliant in Physics, said he usually goes to Caulker to advocate on behalf of his colleagues whenever they had problems.

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