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Tension Brews In Doe’s Community

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Tension is said to be brewing amongst residents of Doe Community following the Saturday abusive verbal exchanges between Robert Sirleaf, the son of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Monsterrado District #10 Representative Regina Sokan Teah.

The residents are said to be divided with one group supporting Robert Sirleaf and the other Rep. Teah. Robert Sirleaf and Rep. Sokan Teah got into a near fist fight Saturday, as both used strong abusive languages in the presence of President Sirleaf and electorates of the district.

It took the effort of President Sirleaf who ordered one of her guards to take her son away from the scene. The incident occurred during the President’s tour of private projects being undertaken by her son, one of which happens to be in District #10.

The exchanges between Robert and Rep Teah prompted a section of the crowd to join in using all kinds of invectives against Robert, with some threatening to get even with him while others were said to have booed at the representative. Since the incident, residents in the district have elected to divide themselves into groups with either group supporting one of the two involved in the Saturday drama.

Those supporting the district representative have continued to condemn the action exhibited by Roberts Sirleaf, stating that his action shows disrespect to their representative.The group described Robert’s action as the abuse of democracy and power.

The group spokesperson Joseph Yekpa described the situation as a disgrace to the president’s office “That is a complete misused of power, is it because he is the son of the president. If it was an ordinary person doing it, than it would have been a different case by now.”

He told the New Dawn that if those found in the corridors of power who are said to be  advocating and promoting democracy are found in the hobbit of insulting elected leaders, then the nationa is not heading anywhere.

But the pro Robert Sirleaf group describing itself as the “Friends of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for her second term” defended Robert Sirleaf’s action saying it was rather Rep. Teah who used harsh and abusive words. The group spokesperson, Michael Davies said Mr. Sirleaf has no political ambition whatsoever and as such Rep. Teah needs not to worry about losing her seat to him.

Mr. Davies said rep. Teah has actually been undermining the work of Mr. Sirleaf in the district. Mr. Davies maintained that he was on the scene that fateful Saturday and Rep. Teah’s behavior was far from being honorable.

He, however, said it would be in the interest of the district if the lawmaker stops undermining the work of the group, because as he put it, the people of the District #10 need relief to recover from the hardship they are faced with. He said it is the desire and interest of Mr. Sirleaf to assist in providing relief for the people and the lawmaker needs to also back him in this direction.

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