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The Campaign Not to Refer to the National Team as the Lone Star

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There should be no reason for anyone to harbor the belief that this piece is either a form of defamation or one intended for public ridicule, but an observation out of reality.

It is from the perspective of national conciseness that I make such observation which has to do with the Lone Star – the National Team of Liberia; and has nothing to do with favoring any institution or individual.

A GSM Company in Monrovia is reported to be on a vigorous campaign for change of the name of the National Team of Liberia. The difficulty greeting this campaign has resulted to another phase wherein the company may partly be succeeding among some members of the Sports writers Association of Liberia in only referring to the team as Liberia or the National Team and not the Lone Star as it has always been and continues to be called in Liberia and elsewhere.

The issue reportedly came about at the just-ended SWAL Congress, but ended up in deadlock among members of SWAL, following the positive intervention of the President of the Press Union of Liberia – Abdullai K. Kamara.

Whatever may or may have been the motivating factor, it was not only foolish, but undesirably unrealistic for a few members of SWAL to have chosen to anymore refer to our National Team as the Lone Star, but the national team of Liberia.

It was even observed and proven last Friday, November 13, 2015 during the Liberia-Cote d’Ivoire march when Liberian football commentators with ELBC, Truth FM, as well as Sky FM, among a few others continuously referred to the team as the national team or Liberia from the start to the end of the match at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium down-town Monrovia. Except for Veteran football commentators Cyrus Wleh Badio and Hassan Kiawu, all other ELBC commentators referred to the Lone Star (not by the name) as the national team or Liberia.

Observation was made to the management of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), which operates ELBC on the matter; and a senior management staff expressed shock, indicating that if and only if it was true, it was neither with the acquiescence of or sanctioned by the LBS Management, and that such observation would be investigated.

While I wouldn’t want to blame the particular GSM Company, but the commentators of last Friday’s Lone Star-Elephants Match for such an unpatriotic reference, it must be emphasized that no amount of irresponsible business ‘politics’ must be allowed in the process of rebuilding the Lone Star- our national pride.

If a particular Cell phone company has a problem with another, such issue must be placed before the Liberia Telecommunications Authority – the regulatory body for all GSM Companies in Liberia, and not the route being chosen.

For members of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia who chose to remain professionally firm and nationalistic, the highest commendation must be accorded. The only challenge to them (patriotic sports writers) now is to ensure that this ‘non-sense or foolishness’ is exposed to the public so that we all can join the argument to lay such negative campaign to rest – and they must do it now. To be continued.


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