The Church must speak

The once powerful voice of the Church in Liberia has frozen. The Liberia Council of Churches that spoke truth to power in the 80s has gone silent, leaving the state without guidance.It is not only regrettable but very sadden that traditional leaders and zoes are the ones now giving direction to the government, while the Church is asleep.

We recall the days of the late Catholic Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis, Episcopal Bishop George D. Browne and retired Methodist Bishop Arthur F. Kula when the LCC served as voice of the people, pointing out and condemning ills of society.
But this is no more. The current Council of Churches appears to have turned blind eyes on unfolding developments in the country, leaving citizens with no one to turn to for hope.

The vices plaguing our beloved country are enormous and need remedies. They range from ex-rebel generals becoming state actors, US$25 million of our national reserves misappropriated, excess printing of Liberian banknotes and flooding the market to widespread rape and killings, electoral violence and a stagnant economy that has strangulated the people, among others.
These excesses are traceable from the past administration and exacerbated by the highly inept Weah administration that wallops in arrogance and exceptional greed.

Amid the ills, the Church is conspicuously silent. The nation yearns for prayers, healing and spiritual guidance. The zoes and chiefs are filling the gaps created by the silence of the voice of conscious.The nation is in search of direction. But the messengers of God are sitting and watching, while the people burn with thirst and hopelessness. The LCC has become so diplomatic that it now minds its own business, for fear of not rocking the boat.

Who will speak for the suffering masses? Greedy and dishonest politicians are having a feed day, giving false hopes to drowning Liberians. God is watching! The Church should get ready to account for its in actions. We urge the LCC to muster the courage enough to tell President Weah that it’s time to set up a war and economic crimes for Liberia to implement recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This would not only end impunity, but serve as deterrence to would-be war mongers.

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