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The irony of Ndubuisi Nwabudike leading corruption fight

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The decision to have an individual like Ndubuisi Nwabudike with a questionable nationality credential leading Liberia’s corruption fight is not just a mockery of the entire process, but also a paradox. It is similarly shameful and disgraceful that a vital integrity institution such as the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) which the law requires must be headed by a Liberian citizen is being entrusted to the hands of a purportedly naturalized Liberian.

Amid this flagrant violation of the law of Liberia, President George Manneh Weah is financing the questionable Ndubuisi Nwabudike to organize and preside over a so-called Anti-Corruption Conference when the character himself is an agent of dishonesty and inconsistency.

The two-day Anti-Corruption Conference held at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town is nothing but complete rubbish and waste of taxpayers’ money because the Weah administration, from every indication, lacks political will to restore transparency and accountability in the public sector.

That the self-styled Nigerian-born Liberian evidently failed to prove his purported naturalization as a Liberian citizen during senate confirmation is sufficient reason not to keep him in the government as an official, spearheading activities of the LACC.

How in this world can a person like Nwabudike shamelessly carries passports that inconsistently present his dates of birth as October 19, 1960 at one time, October 2, 1963 at another time, October 2, 1965 the next, and October 2, 1969 thereafter respectively, and yet wants Liberians to believe that he has the guts to fight corruption.

It is no surprised that the Liberia National Bar Association was constrained to expel this man as a member of the LNBA because “he became a member of the Liberian National Bar Association through fraudulent means.”

Yet, he currently presides over the LACC without any remorse for his deeds, taking the people of Liberia for granted and lording over the country with support from President Weah. Now, everyone should understand why the so-called anti-corruption conference and its outcome are a complete gimmick.

In the first place, the Weah administration has no intention to fighting corruption when the President himself acquired questionable wealth like many of his officials immediately after coming to power that are hardly distinguishable from private assets and public funds.

If the government, thru the court, failed to have prosecuted the suspended director of passport Andrew Wonplo even after indicting him, one can clearly see the lack of political will here. It took the United States Government to ban Andrew and his immediate family from travel to America for “significant corruption” before the Liberian government shamelessly came back and said it reserves the right to prosecute the suspended passport boss.

Hence, with President George Weah in power, Nwabudike finds a sanctuary to ply his trade of lies and deceits with a purported Liberian citizenship that he cannot prove but yet is chief architect of our anti-corruption drive. What a contradiction!

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