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The Republic of Liberia finds its Consul General and Diplomat Dr. Malachi York Innocent of All U.S. Charges

On May 8th 2002 the Republic of Liberia’s Consul General and Diplomatic personnel Dr. Malachi York post and property’s inviolability was violated in the most unprecedented way. The injuries against the Republic were committed by gross violations of international law by the U.S. in what became known as the largest raid in U.S. history. Three hundred U.S. federal and local agents of the State of Georgia swarmed down with military clad attire, helicopters, machine guns and even armored vehicles to arrest H.E. Dr. Malachi York in apparent attack that has left the international community bewildered, reminding them of a similar attack by Iranian officials who infringed upon the diplomatic inviolability of the internationally protected U.S. Embassy and Consulate post near Tehran, Iran in 1979. Though the International Court of Justice in case U.S. vs. Tehran ICJ, ordered the immediate release of U.S. Consul Generals and Diplomats from Iranian courts authority and custody, the same international protection has not been as swift to be delivered to Dr. Malachi York who is also afforded the same protection under 61’ and 63’ Vienna Conventions of Diplomatic and Consular Affairs.

In a small town in the State of Georgia, Milledgeville where Dr. Malachi York travelled with his consulate staff on a bright sunny day, his envoy was surrounded and attacked, Dr. York’s car was ambushed where he was snatched out of his vehicle, diplomatic credentials destroyed and staff silenced by the force, threat and aggression of agents who were charging him with crimes of transporting minors across state lines with an intent, and structuring money. One of the most egregious violations was that the U.S. did not make the Republic of Liberia aware of these attacks on their Consulate post or the arrest of their Diplomat formally in his 16-year incarceration. Though these alleged crimes were later proven to be false by the Republic of Liberia’s legal analyst, lawyers and even proven false by recanted statements and testimonies by prosecuting witnesses, Dr. Malachi York was tried and sentenced to 135 years in the most secure prison in the world U.S. ADX Super-Max prison in Florence, Colorado. To this day Dr. Malachi York laments in an underground cell where he has sat for 16 years in hopes that the Republic of Liberia comes to his aid and rescue.

In the earlier years and process of the repatriation and protection of Dr. York which was initiated by the courts of the Republic of Liberia two years after his arrest, three months after his sentencing, in a July 21, 2004 hearing the Republic of Liberia was ordered by Judge Yusuf Kaba in a final judgment of the 6th Judicial Circuit Court to

‘To protect and defend (Diplomatic Protection) the person (Dr. Malachi Z. York) and the premises of Petitioner (404 Shady Dale Road, Eatonton, Ga. Consulate Post) a Diplomatic Personnel (Diplomatic Agent), to all intents and purposes (full Diplomatic Immunity) and in light of that, Respondent (Government of Liberia) is further ordered to liaise (liason, to contact or connect maintained by communication) with the Government of the United State of America, to ensure the effective (Repatriation and deportation, and release Lands, Property) endorsement of this Judgment’

The Republic of Liberia pursuant to its court order the Ministries of Justice Attorney General Cllr. Edward K. Goba, retained three high end Cllrs namely K.Z.B. Scott, of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Cllr. Francis Y.S. Garlowalou of the Garlawolu Law firm, and Ministry of Justice Cllr. Morris Kaba to represent Dr. Malachi York in the U.S. in order to effectuate the decision of its internal courts. In an Appellant hearing in Case No. 04-12354 the Republic of Liberia Motioned the U.S. Court to File Amicus Curiae Brief on his behalf, to lay upon the record the collusion discovered to conspire to defame, torture, and character assassinate Dr. Malachi York. These discoveries by the Republic of Liberia was carried out against a broken U.S. judicial system plagued with racial and ethnic judicial disparities, enormous disproportionalities of arrest of ethnic groups of minorities and Africans in America compared to whites in the U.S., but what is most shocking is the lack of international uproar and support the international community has rendered to the Republic of Liberia in its attempts to repatriate and protect Dr. Malachi York having attached to his person the oldest protection afforded in state comity. The Republic of Liberia has discovered a preponderance of evidence of the innocence of Dr. York such as prosecutorial misconduct, no d.n.a evidence or pictures, no physical or medical evidence, lack of accurate testimony and lack of credibility, witness tampering and recantations, violations of diplomatic immunity and violations of international peremptory norms. With the Republic of Liberia having all the necessary evidence that shows that Dr. Malachi York is innocent of all charges and should without a doubt be repatriated and protected by its government, the question remains why is the U.S. still torturing and abusing this 72 year old ailing Diplomat in the worst prison in the world, the people of Liberia and the international community needs answers, is he another Dr. Martin Luther King? Is he a iconic leader like Marcus Garvey ushering in a unification of Africans in America and their Liberian extended families? Are we witnessing the same pattern of abuse against our great Liberian and African American leaders? Will we sit back and allow this iconic leader to continuously be abused and tortured while innocent and turn a silent tongue and deaf ear as he suffers in silence. Contact Liberian government and U.S. officials to assist in the Repatriation of our very own, Free H.E. Dr. Malachi York….

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