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Letter To God: Lord, this crowd thing da challenge oo

Dear Father:

Hmm, in our village paa we can do everything outside down. It look leh our new political message na, da crowd bisnay oo.

Da it you talking slow leh da my son!

I tell you oo Father. For us to be listening to our brabee them who want chop president to hear whatin they will do for our village when they go back in power or come to power, de only thin we talkin around here da crowd bisnay.

Bor who tell them da de crowd will develop our village?

Ehn, Father, da de whole thin there oo. De people na even listening sef. All de big, big our brabee them talkin about building road, building human being garage and all da one there. Nobody asking them how they will do it oo but everyday da who put plenty people outside da the one they on so.

Wait na, da crowd will build school, human being garage, roads, etc.

Father da de one me mysef can’t geh over. De crowd sef they making all de noise for da borrow crowd. I wonder they na know da they geh some hustler them who can use election time to get plenty T-shirt since they na get money to buy cloths.

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Da, de whole thin sef my son.

You mind them every day, they jus disturbing us with dis crowd bisnay here and there. Today, you see de person in Brabee Footballer T-shirt, de next day da Brabee Taxi Driver. Tomorrow da Brabee, Oldman, which one na-you chameleon?

Oh, my son bor you na know they geh orlor people who can jus follow de crowd.

Aah, bor da na small thin oo. So, we jus how we geh some of our chiefs from de Traditional Council who belong to APP (Any Party in Power) da how we geh people who can BITC (Be In The Crowd).

You know, Father, we are joking in this village. And jus how we are carrying ourselves around da how de politicians them wil use us, abuse us and dump us.

Ay my son this one too harsh oo.

Father, da true I talkin so oo. You see people walkin on streets embarrassing orlor people movement saying the go for party launch and when they come back sick from soaking rain, then they come begging for you to buy them medicine.

Bor wait oo, de person they go under de heavy rain for or walk up and down for can’t buy them medicine?

Bor ehn da de stupidness I talkin about there. You nag eh five cent to eat. De person sef you going up and down for na even know yor name and da de one you killing yourself for-nonsense!

You know de orlor day, I was sitting with some of our friend them from our neighboring villages and they ask me to name de parties town criers in our village here supporting.

I said kpo, in our village here our politics na based on ideas and traditions oo. It based on de person who geh plenty money and de person who popular oo. Da wah de person who bringing de Uncle Sam’s money 10 dollar and de T-Shirt can geh plenty crowd leh da oo. So, wen you see de crow check de person pocket too oo.

Anyway, we will see, October 10 jus round de corner, leh see who really geh de crowd. 

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