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This Is Anti-Reconciliation — Part I

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Yeah-oo, my people. Da me again. Da me Pekin Paul. My mou’h na scared. I can put my mou’h on anything and in everything. Da me say so. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

My people, something bad is happening, and I want to put my mou’h there. I want to put my mou’h there because  it is against reconciliation, and the whole country recognizes the fact that reconciliation is something that we all should promote.

Yor ear them itching to hear what I want to put my mou’h on, my people? Okay, yor wait small. I coming way-say waa-saa. I will way-say waa-saa because it is not good. It can make me vexed. It is something to spoil our country and its people. We have to stop practicing it if we all want to promote genuine reconciliation.

And that bad thing I am talking about is the idea of having women’s bathrooms and men’s bathrooms separately.  It is bad — very, very bad. If we are all talking about bringing the Liberian people together, why have separate bathrooms for men and women?

We just came from a very unpleasant situation that lasted for about fourteen years. So many things have caused division among us. There is a need for us all to promote reconciliation, and having separate bathrooms for men and women is anti-reconciliatory. It divides us more. And it is not good.

And the talk about reconciliation will be in vain if we do not encourage men and women to use the same bathroom. It is about bringing people together. Having separate bathrooms divides them, and it is not good for the progress and development of our country.

Millions of dollars have been spent on this thing called reconciliation, but we still have not achieved it because we talk reconciliation but don’t practice it.

In fact, the whole thing looks stupid to me. In the church, there is a bathroom for men and another for women, which shows that the male Christians and the female Christians in the church are skeptical of one another; they don’t trust each other. At the universities, there are women’s bathrooms and men’s bathrooms. In the hospitals, there are women’s bathrooms and men’s bathrooms. In almost all public buildings, there are women’s bathrooms and men’s bathrooms. Why all this?

Are we serious about reconciliation? We are not. We only pretend to be. That’s why we establish a reconciliation commission but divide our people in many different ways, forgetting to know that reconciliation is achieved in various ways.

Let’s stop dividing our people continuously. Let’s use every giving opportunity to bring the people together. And one of those ways is to stop having separate bathrooms for men and women. Let all use the same bathroom. It is pro-reconciliatory. Separating them is anti-reconciliatory. Da me say so. Da me Pekin Paul.

To be continued…

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