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Tomorrow’s development in children’s hands

The Marketing Services Manager at the Lonestar Cell MTN, Mr. Ibrahim Daramie says children are considered as the building blocks of a strong nation, describing them as responsible citizens of tomorrow in whose hands lies the development of the country. 

“Children are leaders of tomorrow so they need to get respect, special care and protection from us their parents, teachers and other members of the family,” Mr. Daramie said. Speaking at the 6th closing and graduation ceremony of the Royal Learning Academy, Mr. Daramie said children are small in age, but have capability to change the nation positively.

He urged parents and guardians to also be reminded about children’s rights and examine whether they are getting benefits or not, as he suggested that children are being abused in many ways here by family members, relatives, neighbors or other strangers.

But he suggested the need to provide proper care and love for children, as well as healthy food, clean clothes, security, good education, and make them feel safe at home and other places. “They should get proper and good level of education. They should be provided special care when disabled or sick. Many thanks to all the parents and guardians the created the opportunity for these beautiful little people to stand tall today with proud,” he said.

Mr. Daramie says children are liked by everyone and without children life becomes very boring and upset, noting that they are blessed by God, as he urged the audience to hands together and take a pledge to secure the present and future of the country’s leaders to make a beautiful nation.

“To the ever potent Graduates, today is your day. A day of fun and celebration, a day assigned to honor you all. We are here as witnesses to see the best in you so try to make the best of the day, that you remember it forever by enjoying every moment of it,” he told the graduates.

He assured them of support as they work to develop, cautioning that in the process of education, lot of things will be demanded of them. “The Teachers will give you additional help from outside but the actual seed is in you.” he said, adding that they have to allow it to grow as the teachers water the seed and fertilizer the soil.

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