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Traditional Council Probes Witchcraft Claims

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Liberia’s National Traditional Council or LNTC Tuesday reportedly held a one-day investigation into witchcraft activities in Blowen Town, Morweh District, Rivercess County led by Chief Zanzan Kawar, Head of the Council.

The probe, the first of its kind, is reported to have assembled zoes, chiefs, elders and youths of the district without the involvement of the legislative caucus, even though the panel itself hails from Seah Town in Morweh District.

The investigation is intended to identify witchcraft(s) or perpetrator(s) responsible for many mysterious deaths in the area. The latest ‘witchcraft activity occurred last week at which time three persons, including a classroom teacher Victor Johnny died within a day as the result of toothache.

“Being that there are suspicions, we could not bury Johnny immediately, but to allow a ‘traditional autopsy’ on the body during the investigation,” an elder told this paper via mobile phone Tuesday.

Elder David Swen expressed apprehension about the mysterious circumstances under which deaths were occurring, especially from what he referred to as curable simple sickness.

“These unusual happenings prompted the residents to invite the traditional council,” he noted. But up to press time last night, it was not known whether or not there was any witchcraft culprit.

“Because this is a traditional matter, and whether or not people are linked, I cannot say unless those performing the rituals know the alleged doer(s),” he stated.  The mysterious deaths have resulted to fear among the locals., writes TKS.

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