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Concern Group Plans Demonstration

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A group under the banner, Citizens United for Equal Justice has promised a massive protest if Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker does not hand over her son to Police.

Phillip Bestlow, the son of Superintendent Walker was reported by parents of a rape victim in July of last year for allegedly tempering with their daughter.
According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Frederick Neppay, Police have since launched a man hunt for Phillip but is nowhere to be seen.

Some insiders who begged not to be named told our Bong County Correspondent that Superintendent Walker in December of last year, bought a plane ticket for the rape suspect to leave the Country.

The group said it is all together unacceptable for the Superintendent to keep mute about the issue even though it is alleged that she even aided the victim with cloths and foods weeks after the incident occurred.

The group according to its president Peter Kollie, Madam Esther Walker is a woman and if her dignity should be respected as a leader, she needs to do all it takes to ensuring that her son faces Justice.

Mr. Kollie told Journalist via mobile Interview that his group will no longer relent in taking to the streets placards to claim central government attention to the situation.

“The sup. has been accused by some citizens of sending her son outside of the Country, this is unconfirmed but if we find out that it is true, it will be different because we ourselves will get her out of that position” he adds.

Our Bong County Correspondent says Superintendent Walker has not commented on the issue as she keeps saying that it is not timely to talk about her son alleged involvement in the reported case.-By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan

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