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Tragedy Leaves One Dead in Matadi

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The Old Matadi Community in Sinkor was engulfed in grieve Monday when a nine-year-old girl Sarah Fofana was found dead in a septic tank. Four kids, Kebbeh Sarwolo, 6; Nancy Samuwa, 6; Sheriff Fofana 3, and Sarah Amelia Fofana 9, apparently left unattended to yesterday drowned in an uncovered septic tank filled with water while playing.

They slipped together into the hole of the tank, leaving one of them dead. Three of the four Kebbeh Sarwolo, Nancy Samuwa and Sheriff Fofana were later rescued by their uncle Blama Kamara.

Kamara told the police that he came from out late in the afternoon and noticed the three kids were in the tank so he quickly rushed there and rescued them. He said after few hours, the mother of Sarah of nine-year-old Amelia Fofana began a search for her daughter.

“I was in door changing my clothes when I heard the other girl, who died mother searching for her, and I came outside and explained the story to her about the three kids I rescued, that’s how we went to the septic tank and we saw the girl slappers,” he explained.

Kamara continued that they quickly burst the side of the septic tank to allow the water come out, and then they subsequently found little Amelia laying dead in the septic tank.

The dead body of the girl was turned over to the family by the homicide team of the Liberia National Police after a forensic investigation. Bruises were found on the corpse apparently from rocks that fell on her when she dropped in the septic tank.

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