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U.S. recognizes Jeety’s assistance to Central Prison

As Indian philanthropist continues with feeding inmates 

India’s immediate past honorary consul general to Liberia and philanthropist, Dr. Upjit Singh Sachedeva, affectionately called Mr. Jeety, says he has been given more energy to intensify his humanitarian work after he was cited in a recent United States Department of State report for assisting the Monrovia Central Prison (MCP) in its renovation work.

The report released recently said Liberia’s Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation, “with the assistance of businessman Upjit “Jeety” Singh Sachdeva, undertook the renovation of the Monrovia Central Prison, which included the installation of 2,500-liter poly tanks for water storage along with a generator for the supply of water during a power outage.”

In his reaction to the U.S. Department of State report, Mr. Jeety told journalists on Sunday, 24 April 2022 inside the Monrovia Central Prison compound that it gives him “more energy, more enthusiasm to do more.”

His visit to the Monrovia Central Prison on Sunday was part of his routine delivery of hot meals to inmates, and the exercise also coincided with the observance of his birthday.

He said “when you are recognized, when you are appreciated,” you feel honored, and it gives you more inspiration to do more.

“That’s what encourages me to do every day more and more for the society,” said Mr. Jeety.

Last year, Mr. Jeety put smiles on the faces of inmates and workers at the Monrovia Central Prison when he provided running water in all of the housing units, clinics, bakery and other sites that needed water at the prison compound.

It was in fulfillment of his commitment made in October 2021 to work with the relevant authorities to restore pipe-borne water at the Monrovia Central Prison.

Mr. Jeety included in the project the installation of two 500 liters poly tanks for water storage along with a 5.5KVA generator for the supply of water whenever there is a power outage from the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).

Upon completion of the project last year, the prison authorities expressed heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mr. Jeety and his Jeety Trading Corporation for the level of support they have rendered to the prison.

Announcing an additional assistance on Sunday for corrections, Mr. Jeety assured on Sunday that there will be electricity at the Kakata prison facility in Margibi County.

“I assure you here [that] next time when we meet Kakata prison will have electricity,” said Mr. Jeety.

Earlier talking about the hot meal delivery exercise, Mr. Jeety said he carried nutritional meals for inmates to make them feel a part of the society, while they are being held in detention.

“So [on] this backdrop, we have come again here to bring [a] hot cooked meal for almost 1,500 prisoners today,” he noted. 

Mr. Jeety said he also encouraged some corporate officials to go along with him at the Monrovia Central Prison on the food distribution exercise. 

Among his corporate colleagues who were seen helping to distribute hot cooked meals was the Managing Director of Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank), Mr. Ikenna Anekwe.

Prison Superintendent Col. Varney Lake thanked Mr. Jeety and his team for their continuous assistance to the inmates and Bureau of Corrections at large, especially for Mr. Jeety to abandon all of his activities on his birthday to identify with the inmates. “It takes God to touch the heart of certain individuals to behave that way. So we are highly appreciative, we say happy birthday to you and may God richly bless you,” said Col. Lake.


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