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UNDP Debunks Cable TV False Facebook story on the Spread of the Covid-19 by the Agency staff

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The attention of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been drawn to a false Facebook story carried by Cable TV, alleging that UNDP Staff is responsible for the recent wave of Covid-19 cases in Liberia.

The online network further alleged that UNDP expatriates from Pakistan and India brought the “Delta Variant” of Covid-19 into the country a couple of weeks ago.

UNDP wishes to emphatically refute these allegations from the Cable TV network as false and outright misleading. Nothing in the report is accurate or true.

Like everyone else, the United Nations in Liberia is extremely concerned about the surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths and is working closely with the Government of Liberia to do everything to turn the tide on this new wave of COVID-19.

“Central to our approach is ensuring that the public has the correct information to stay safe and prevent further spread of the virus. Rather than spreading misinformation, we want the media to encourage people to wear face masks, wash hands, keep the recommended social distance, avoid crowded places, and get vaccinated,” UNDP stressed in a release.

“The Key to beating this wave of COVID-19 lies in following official safety guidelines provided by the government and other bodies such as the W.H.O. There is no place for pointing fingers and spreading false information.”

The UN, like many other organizations in the country, has adopted telecommuting arrangements to help reduce the spread of the virus and keep both its staff and members of the public safe.

Finally, UNDP and the UN remain strong partners of the Government helping to fight the spread of the disease and the various misinformation circulating about the disease and the vaccine.

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