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UP catalogs Weah’s failures

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The opposition Unity Party through its National Youth Congress has cataloged 27 alleged failed promises of the Weah administration since its inception in 2018.

Speaking Wednesday, January 18, at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinion (CEIO) in Monrovia, the Chairperson of the National Youth Congress, Melvin Togar Cephas, said the UP deems it necessary to remind President George Weah and his officials about their blatant failures, intentional dishonesties, and abortive promises to the Liberian people. 

The Congress urged Liberians to go to the ballot in October to vote President Weah and his band of thieves and failing machines out of power. 

“Mr. President, as you will be giving your final state of the Republic address to the Legislature, as mandated by Article 58 of the 1986 constitution of Liberia, we are here to remind you of the many promises made in the course of your one-term presidency”, he said, while addressing a forum at CEIO. 

He recalled that in 2018 while delivering his inaugural speech President Weah promised Liberians that they will not be spectators in their own economy.

But, he noted that today, Liberians are not only spectators in their own economy but professional Liberians have been reduced to baggers in their own economy because of the harsh economic conditions they face under the CDC-led government.

“Mr. President, we also wish to remind you about the status of some failed promises you made to the Liberian People since 2018: 22 UAE Investors, 4 Israeli companies, 7 soccer stadiums across the country, 2,000 Housing Units in West Point, empower 250,000 Out-of-School Youths, Free Loan for Market Women, US$50 Million Medical Laboratory, and Free Medical Care for citizens above 70 years”, Mr. Cephas alleged.

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Mr. Cephas points to cuts in civil servants’ salaries instead of increments, the Lift ONE MILLION LIBERIANS out of poverty thru creation of ONE MILLION JOBS, Coastal Highway and Bali Island as some failed promises of the President.

He further named Mineral Resource Swap Deal, Clar Weah Hair Factory, SIX THOUSAND Nigerian Teacher, US$420.8M EBOMAF Loan, US$536.4M ETON Loan, 100 Housing Units in Nimba County, Lone Star Airway as failed promises.

“100 Housing Units in Bong County, the failed US$25 Million MOP-UP exercise, Special Prosecutor for RAPE, and National Sex Offender Registry are all failed promises. We will continue to highlight more of the failed/abandoned promises.” 

Cephas narrated that in 2018 when President Weah took on the mantle of authority, he promised to continue the fight against corruption but notes that today, the country under the Weah administration is witnessing stealing of public funds at monumental proportion.

“For example, we have witnessed the alleged stealing of over US$ 24.8 Million from the National Road Fund, the National Census Fund by Francis Wreh, Lawrence George, and Wilmot F. Smith Jr. as indicted by the LACC’s June 2022 report.

The criminal maneuvering of Min. Jennie Cooper at the Agriculture Ministry as indicated by the LACC’s June 2022 report; and, many more. The government has even failed to publish all financial records from 2018 to present.”

He pointed out that under six years of President Weah, Liberians witnessed an unabated violation of the Constitution by the President and those he termed his cronies, under a compromised Kangaroo Justice system.

“This practice is undermining the democratic gains of the state by the compromised National Elections Commission Boss Davidetta Brown Lansana. Mr. President, you have exemplified corruption in your administration to the point that the US Treasury Department sanctioned three top officials of your leadership” he explained.

Cephas lamented that former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, former Solicitor General Sayma Syrenius Cephus, and ex-national Port director Bill Tweahway were all sanctioned for their involvement in ongoing public corruption in Liberia.

“To the Civil Servants and the Liberian people in general, the Unity Party National Youth Congress is in solidarity with you this 2023, a year of emphasis, and fortitude to see a change of President George Weah’s leadership to a responsible, competent and reliable leadership. We believe that Amb. Joseph Boakai, a venerable, experienced, dedicated, merciful, and compassionate leader provides an excellent option for a better Liberia”, he suggests.

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