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Urey blacklists Diaspora Liberians

Liberian Presidential hopeful and political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) Benoni W. Urey says if elected President, no Liberian resident abroad would get appointed in his cabinet.

“….I have come to tell your, that when we get to the Mansion, nobody who family not in Liberia here will be minister in our government. If Liberia na good enough for your wife and children, it na good enough for you to be minister. If the country is na safe for you and your family, your go to your place where is safe for your but you na going to be minister here to be stealing all our money and sending it over there”, Mr. Urey told citizens in Bong County.

He spoke to a cross section of citizens in Sanoyea District, lower Bong County on Sunday, 14 August during petition program for an aspirant for the House of Representatives.
He said many Liberians have their immediate families residing abroad and they usually fly there when there are inconveniences or troubles in Liberia, adding they sometimes send their investments out of the country because their families are not here. He noted that some citizens return from abroad with claims of earning academic degrees, but none of their investments is in the country. He urged Liberians to question people claiming to have attended school in the country about their classmates, adding “When they tell you that they went to school in Liberia, ask them to show you some of their classmates.”

Urey has been in war of words with the Government following abrupt closure of his broadcast station LIB24 by the Ministry of Information over tax evasion, threatening that he has capacity to disrupt the country’s peace, if pushed against the wall. 

The ALP political leader bragged that he went to school in Liberia, specifically in Bong County and can show many of his classmates in the country. Urey, a Liberian entrepreneur, said he has all of his investments in Liberia, creating job opportunities besides offering scholarships to hundreds of peopl-e. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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