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Urey descends on UP

The political leader of the opposition All Liberian Party (ALP) businessman Benoni Urey has described the Unity Party led government as being irresponsible, for failing to respond to the needs of ordinary Liberians.

Urey expresses

Mr. Urey, who has always been at loggerheads with this administration, spoke over the weekend in Brewerville City, Montserrado County when he officially launched the Save Liberia Sea Erosion Victims Movement (SLSEVM).

He said any government that refuses to listen to the cry of its citizens for basic social services that they are entitled to as the case of hundreds of Liberians made homeless by the deadly sea erosion is an irresponsible government.

The ALP political leader added that to get victims of the sea erosion out of the nightmare they find themselves; they must stand up and openly reject the election of anyone supported by President Sirleaf in the coming elections because that person will equally disappoint the country.

He assured victims of the sea erosion currently being housed in Brewerville that when elected President in 2017, the ALP-led government will be a people-oriented administration that will lift all Liberians from the current nightmare (UP government) that has engulfed the country with bad governance.

Urey continued that instead of the UP-led government addressing the plight of the sea erosion victims, unfortunately, the role that the government should have played is what a group of Liberians with philanthropist minds, “Save Liberia Sea Erosion Victims Movement” has embarked on, seeking humanitarian assistance for their suffering compatriots.

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The ALP political leader said his government would not be like the Unity Party-led government that continues to make promises that it cannot fulfill, adding that whether he is elected President or not, he would continue to identify with all Liberians regardless of where they come from.

Urey, a buddy of ex-President Charles Ghankay Taylor and former official of the Taylor government, said he’s is prepared to financially and morally support worthy initiatives of goodwill Liberians in alleviating the suffering of those affected by sea erosion in Montserrado and other parts of Liberia.

He urged all Liberians both in and out of the country to join their colleagues by providing food, clothing and financial assistance to better the lives of victims of the sea erosion some of whom have nowhere to sleep and food to eat.

He stressed the need for Liberians to reconcile their differences as a surest way to sustainable peace and development, while openly apologizing to anyone that he may had offended.
To climax the occasion, the ALP political leader took the kick-off to a friendly soccer match followed by Liberia international soccer star SekouSeelisee, who also graced the occasion, presented US$1,000 to the “Save Liberia Sea Erosion Victims Movement” for its wonderful initiative, and called on other Liberians to emulate the good examples SLSEVM.

A humanitarian group which also graced the program presented huge consignment of food to the leadership of SLSEVM for onward distribution to the victims and promised to always identify with less fortunate and destitute Liberians in the times of crisis.

The organizers of the program said the aims and objectives of the Movement is to scout for financial and material support for victims of the sea erosion not only in Montserrado but other parts of the country where the sea has threatened the existence of the people.

By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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