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Vice chairman disclosed

The National Vice Chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE Robert Sammy has disclosed that they had never had Elder Council since the party was founded and the people who claimed to be Elders Council and founder members of the party are not founding members, saying that they were recruited members of MOVEE.

Addressing a group of Journalists over the weekend at MOVEE party headquarter in Monrovia, Mr. Sammy said that the resignation of what he called “so called Elders” has no impact on the party, saying that elections around the corner so they looking for party with gravy.

He noted that there has been no time in MOVEE record that Mr. Mills Jones has imposed himself as standard bearer of the party. He said that the party went for convention in March 2016 and some officials and early next year primary will be held to elect their standard bearer.

“We are going for primary soon and if Dr. Jones does not win no problem whosoever that wins will be the party standard bearer and 2017 is time for MOVEE to win and we will surely win the upcoming elections, no matter who becomes the standard bearer. ” Mr Sammy said.

Sammy said there has been no record in MOVEE that Mr. Samuel O. Philips who claimed to be chairman for what he called” so called Council ” was chairman in their political party. He added that Dr. Jones is a member of their political party like other members.” They can leave and join any party they want but we are hopeful of winning the 2017 elections.

A group of six men claiming to be Elders Council of MOVEE last week resigned from the party and joined the Alternative National Congress or ANC of which Mr. Alexander Cummings is the leader.

The head of the six men Council Mr. Samuel O. Philips said their resignation was as a result of non-compliance in the party. He said that Dr. Mills Jones who is the political leader does not respect them as Council and founder members of the party.

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Mr Philips said since they were in the party, MOVEE has not gone for convention or primary but yet Dr. Jones claims to be the standard bearer of the party in the absent of convention.  He said the party is run by Dr. Jones and his National Chairman Mr. Dee Maxwell Kemayah without consultation from the Elders as they called themselves. He said they have joined a party that they are well respected in and a party whose leader has no record of war or any criminal act in Liberia.

By Ethel A Tweh

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