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Video Clubs Reopen in Bong, But..

Video clubs in Bong County are reopening, following discussions with the authorities of the county and members of the association of video clips. Speaking to journalists following a closed doors meeting, the Acting President of the Video Clubs Association in the County, George Philip Mulbah said the decision to reopen the clubs was part of the agreement for video club owners to place at the entrance of their clubs hand-washing buckets and reduce the number of people entering the club by fifty percent.

“We were told if a video club takes one hundred persons, that number should be reduced to fifty as a way of avoiding contracts,” He said, describing the decision by the county authorities as proper and in the right direction. He promised to live up to the terms and conditions giving to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.

Mr. Mulbah said despite the current health crisis, they also depend on their businesses to for their daily survival, warning members of the association to abide by the terms and conditions leading to the reopening of video clubs in Bong County. He noted that violators’ decoders and decks would be seized by the authorities if the over-crowdedness of clubs continues.

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Some citizens have frowned at the decision by the county authorities for the re-opening of video clubs, saying it will undermine the current fight against Ebola. They expressed the belief  that video clubs owners wouldn’t want to see customers walking away while there are empty spaces left in their clubs.

They called on the authorities of the county to revisit the decision. Despite the permission given to the video club owners by, the Chairman of the Joint Security in Bong County has maintained that they lack the manpower to monitor the activities of video clubs across the county.

Attorney Cornelius Wennah said security personnel were overstretched with others issues during this crisis, adding that it was difficult for the security to move from place to place across the county to monitor video clubs. Authorities of the county are yet to speak on the decision.

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