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VP Appoints Lofa Peace Committee

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Vice President Joseph Boakai has appointed an 11 man committee to embark on peace initiatives in Lofa County as Liberians celebrate International Day of Peace.

According to the Chief of office staff of the Vice President, as part of the peace initiatives a workshop for traditional leaders concerning dispute resolution will be held from the 25th of September to the 27th in Voinjama Lofa County.

He said Vice President Joseph Boakai is especially excited that efforts to bring lasting peace in Lofa and other parts of Liberia have already started.

“The people on the ground have gone a very long way working together with their superintendent and local leadership and religious leader in Voinjama to pick out a peace agreement that they all can get around the table and decide the best way forward in bringing peace to Lofa County”. He explained.

The 11 man committee appointed to embark on the peace initiatives in Lofa County includes Saar Philip Thali, Dr. Herman Brown, paramount chief Momo Taylor, Imam Kinneh from Gbarhun and a Zoe from Bong County Ma Konnah Cleament, Oldman Zokorleh also from Bong County.

Others are students Garmen Barco and Joseph Boye from the University of Liberia, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the traditional Council of Liberia and other none Lofaian citizens.

Months ago violence erupted in Lofa County when the body of a 11th grade student identified as Korpu Kamara was discovered in Kornia, Zorzor District, where she had gone to spend some time with relatives.

Reports said following the discovery of the remains of the girl, some traditional people alleged that she must have been murdered by some individuals who were Mandingoes.

According to the report, the traditional people who were mainly from the Lorma ethic group, claimed that the Mandingoes have allegedly carried out the alleged act to make human sacrifices, having just completed the construction of a new mosque in the heart of Kornia.

It is alleged that when the traditional people immediately began to retaliate by attacking the main mosque in Kornia, an information that reportedly reached other Mandingoes in Voinjama retaliated by attacking and burning down the main Catholic compound in the city, thus sparking the violence. 

It is a known fact that there has been some issue about land dispute between the Mindingoes and Lormas tribes.

Sam Steve Quoah said at the workshop for traditional leaders concerning dispute resolution, the traditional leaders will develop a document on how to address disputes in order to avoid further violence in Lofa County. Mr. Steve Quoah said that the 11 man committee is headed by a former Representative of Lofa County Saah Philip Thali.

He said the team will also be expected to address the issue of lasting peace and how it can be achieved throughout the length and breadth Liberia.

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